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Urgent Help Needed with Green Anole
Wed May 2, 2012 15:55

I have one female green anole and she has gotten pretty bad within the last few days. She has always been kind of skinny, despite being fed often. Lately she has been EXTREMELY skinny. It pains me to look at her.

She has her eyes closed most of the time, but if I blow on her or touch her slightly she will open her eyes and kind of jump, like she is suprised. Last night I saw her in many different positions, almost like she didn't sleep at all.

I got her to eat a mealworm yesterday but so far I have not seen her drink any water, but she may have drank some when I wasn't looking. She also has a yellowish crusted stain on her butt, I'm guessing dried up poop.

Please help my poor anole! I really want to get her back up to health quickly. Thanks everyone.

    • Re: Urgent Help Needed with Green AnoleMaurice Pudlo , Thu May 3 00:40
      Check the enclosure for proper set-up, feed her mainly gut loaded crickets that are lightly dusted in phosphorus free calcium. Mealworms are not a great staple feeder insect for green anoles, they... more
    • Re: Urgent Help Needed with Green AnoleAnonymous, Wed May 2 15:59
      I should also note that she is bright green right now and was bright green all of last night.
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