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Maurice Pudlo
Re: Urgent Help Needed with Green Anole
Thu May 3, 2012 00:40

Check the enclosure for proper set-up, feed her mainly gut loaded crickets that are lightly dusted in phosphorus free calcium.

Mealworms are not a great staple feeder insect for green anoles, they are very low in minerals and are generally hard to dust properly due to their very smooth exterior.

Crickets, in the 1/4 to 3/8 range are more likely correct for most wild collected green anoles. If she is having a hard time capturing them, pinch off their fear legs and consider placing them in a low dish (2 oz. Sauce cups are what I use).

As for the vent being dirty, it could be a number of things. First and fore most, keep the enclosure clean.

In very general terms green anoles are easy to keep if their environment is correct and husbandry is good. They are hardy enough to survive an error or two in the learning process but not so much that they will tolerate very many or an error that is never corrected.

Correct feeding, enclosure, and maintenance and she may rebound.

Maurice Pudlo

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