Elizabeth Kane
Wild rescue green anole
Mon Dec 3, 2018 14:08

About a year ago in February I received a green anole who had traveled on a freight of bird seed to MN from Georgia, now the anole has pretty much never been solid green. If she/he is it's for a short period of time and inconsistent. Honestly believe that it is a she due to small size and lack of dewlap display. I've tried just about everything, she mainly eats crickets and used to eat roaches but is no longer interested in them. She hasn't eaten as far as I can tell in 2 weeks, the humidity is at 70% almost all day minus drops during periods of time that I'm not home, the temp is 80 degrees ambient with a 90 degree basking spot. Ive played with the humidity and temperature with no luck, she is in a huge 24inx18inx18in exoterra with a towel over the screen to trap humidity. My next guess is to try companionship as she would normally lay eggs in the wild, but I'm trying to decide what is less stressful, a female captive breed or a male captive breed? I lean towards female but then comes into question whether or not she wants to complete her reproductive cycle. At this point I am willing to try expensive and insane ideas to try to help my Buddy girl. Thanks in advance!

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