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I haven't been around hamsterwatch much this season
Mon Sep 2, 2013 14:40

I started a business last year and it's really taken off so I've been busy with that and it leaves my onlime time limited these days. i've tried to be there on Thursdays. It shocked me when he gave me that shout out! my phone blew up. LOL
Yeah, her chat is java script. I think it's the software she uses that dictates it.

I keep reminding these morons that being an asshole isn't grounds for ejection. Every year they get all twisted up about one thing or another and lose perspective on the big picture. Don't teach your kids to be racist! That's the most they should take away from this, not try to inject themselves into these players actual lives. Amanda's parents have received death threats. Every year these people go way over the line and start threatening people over a dang TV show. It never ceases to amaze me - it's great virtual people watching tho. :)

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