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Mom update
Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:57am

Hi all Lovely Angels,

Hope this emails finds all my Angel friends doing well. Just flying in for a little brief update on my mommy.

We went to Sloan Kettering, there appears to be various options but htey wanted to make sure that she is Herr2neu positive...apparently tests back in the 90's were not so good, so she is having a biopsy of one of the tumors in the adrenal gland today. In fact they just let us know she came out OK and is resting. Phew....apparently there is a chance for lung collapse with this we were nervous.

Anywho, following the results of the biopsy (whether Herr2 pos and.or Estrogen pos/neg) will determine treatment options...i'll keep ya'll posted...they've developed the chemo drugs since mom was first on them over ten years ago...and many new ones in the pipeline--all good news.

Thanks for all your prayers and know you are all in mine.


    • MomSas, Mon Aug 8 10:16am
      Halo Becks sweetie, sorry Mom and you going thru this crap again! Im a flapping my wings as hard as I can and you flap back I was diagnosed with AML-acute leukemia and going thru treatments as I type ... more
      • Re: MomBecks, Wed Aug 10 8:43pm
        Thanks Sas. Hope all is going well for you (or as best as it can I should say) while you go through your treatments. This is some rough stuff! Mom is OK, been going through the chemo...its making me... more
      • SassyBelleDollyBelle, Tue Aug 9 8:28pm
        My Prayers continue for you. For Courage, Strength and Hope. You go get them girl! You can do it! Gentle (((HUGS))) DollyBelle
        • 3yrs judgood, Wed Aug 10 9:31am
          I will be celebrating my 3rd anniversary on Labor Day weekend!! The support group that I go to is fantastic and I get a lot out of our meetings. Keep up the strength girls, it only gets better!! Your ... more
    • BeckySusan, Fri May 27 8:40pm
      Hi sweety Any new update on your mum? Know I am holding you all in prayer and my biggest wish is for your mum to heal..Take care of YOU sweet girl Love always..Susan
      • SusanBecks, Fri May 27 11:27pm
        Hi hi hi....well news is Mom's tumor is Estrogen positive, Herr2 - equivocal. So she didn't meet the criteria for the Sloan Kettering trials for Herr2-like new drugs. So Mom opted for chemo. Been on... more
    • Hi BecksSusan, Sun Apr 24 3:01am
      Thanks sweetie for the update...yes, there sure are so many new treatment options now as opposed to years ago.I continue to hold your mum in prayer..Please keep in touch and let us know her progress... more
      • thanks susanbecks, Sun Apr 24 11:21pm
        susan, thanks!! Happy Easter to you too. love, Becks
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