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Fri May 27, 2011 11:27pm

Hi hi hi....well news is Mom's tumor is Estrogen positive, Herr2 - equivocal. So she didn't meet the criteria for the Sloan Kettering trials for Herr2-like new drugs. So Mom opted for chemo. Been on it now two weeks....worst side effects are constipation (she is so frustrated! anyone have any tricks? Miralax and prunes arent cutting it) and fatigue.

She is in OK spirits. Nothing really to do but pray and wait. :) I think by two month mark they'll do another scan.

I myself am going for a follow up breast sonogram...during my annual they found a small cyst--they asked me to come back in 6 months to take another look. I'm not concerned until they (being the doctors) start to get anxious. I go in Tuesday.

Otherwise everything is going well! Trying to take care of me Susan...hehe. Mom is coming to visit me here in NYC on Monday, so we'll spend the day together. I'm taking her to see the NY Phil Harmonic perform at St. John the Divine Cathedral--free concert, should be very nice.

How are you doing Susan? Many hugs.


  • BeckySusan, Fri May 27 8:40pm
    Hi sweety Any new update on your mum? Know I am holding you all in prayer and my biggest wish is for your mum to heal..Take care of YOU sweet girl Love always..Susan
    • Susan — Becks, Fri May 27 11:27pm
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