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Re: Mom
Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:43pm

Thanks Sas.

Hope all is going well for you (or as best as it can I should say) while you go through your treatments. This is some rough stuff!

Mom is OK, been going through the chemo...its making me sad though seeing her so tired again, and really really forgetful...and she cannot learn new things, etc. Its hard.

Thanks for the warm hugs and prayers....I do them same for you and all the angels :)


  • MomSas, Mon Aug 8 10:16am
    Halo Becks sweetie, sorry Mom and you going thru this crap again! Im a flapping my wings as hard as I can and you flap back I was diagnosed with AML-acute leukemia and going thru treatments as I type ... more
    • Re: Mom — Becks, Wed Aug 10 8:43pm
    • SassyBelleDollyBelle, Tue Aug 9 8:28pm
      My Prayers continue for you. For Courage, Strength and Hope. You go get them girl! You can do it! Gentle (((HUGS))) DollyBelle
      • 3yrs judgood, Wed Aug 10 9:31am
        I will be celebrating my 3rd anniversary on Labor Day weekend!! The support group that I go to is fantastic and I get a lot out of our meetings. Keep up the strength girls, it only gets better!! Your ... more
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