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Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:38am

((((Kelly)))) flapping for you...flapping for all the new meds that have been developed since you first found the lump...flapping for you to be easy on listened to the doc who is a professional..flapping for you also for getting help now...listen to your "gut" .... ((((Kelly)))) flapping for you that you get the help and the doc you can believe in...sending you very special gentle angel hugs....Kay

  • Just diagnosed IDC far...Kelly, Thu Aug 18 8:46pm
    I was on this website in 2002 when my mom was diagnosed w bc. She passed away, but lived 3x's longer than what the Dr's told her. I was just diagnosed w Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, stage2, until the... more
    • KellyDolly, Fri Aug 19 11:33am
      Hi Kelly, I am so very sorry that you now have to go through breast cancer at such a young age. There are newer and better things in the medical world that can help you through this Journey. We all... more
    • IDC — Kay, Fri Aug 19 7:38am
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