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No Subject
Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:39pm

Halo Angels,
my LE woke up oh boy I had forgotten the pain its been 16 yeaars my lymphedema is unique as iT started in my right arm pit. So what do ya do for that, an armpit sleeve??? not seen one yet. Wrap me armpit dont think theres enough wrap to cover the cavernous pit ha!
I been looking for leukemia support finally think I found it online well its for all cancers too its called
ok gonna go rest the ole arm arhg to the arm
Sas in Florida

    • Hi SunshineSusan, Sun Sep 16 7:26pm
      Hi Sas Is your arm any better now? Not sure what you can do about the arm pit! Gentle massage I suppose. Mine is so much better since I started the Jurnista... Hope you were able to enjoy your... more
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