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re Sas
Mon Sep 9, 2013 8:54pm

Hi Jo

Nice to see you and I hope all is well with you.

I am absolutely devastated with the loss of Sas.She fought so hard:( Life can just be so unfair uh?

Anyhow Jo..Could you please do me a favour? In the upcoming weeks I will be making a web page for Sas' family...Kind of a remembrance page with stories to share about Sas.

I think you are a member of the BC Angels facebook page? If so...

Could you ask the ladies there who knew Sas if they would like to contribute to the web page to email me their message for Sas' family..Either a story or condolences or both

I know there are quite a few Angels at facebook who knew Sas from their time at FIN and I am sure her family would love to hear from them

I am not involved with facebook Jo..I am just so busy with everything else in my life I really don't have the time.

Thanks Jo..I would appreciate it..Please ask the ladies to email personally at

Hope you don't mind me asking..I did ask Kay but not sure if she read my email or not.

Stay well my friend.......HUGS

  • SASJo in FLO/NC, Mon Sep 9 4:42pm
    Sassyfras was such a delight. I will miss her so very much.
    • re Sas — Susan, Mon Sep 9 8:54pm
      • SasJo, Mon Sep 9 9:38pm
        Yes Susan I will certainly mention it on the group page. Karen McKervey (Bella) is going to make a scrapbook also. Kay suggested lighting a candle between 6 and 8 pm EDT tomorrow evening. Then Karen... more
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