Re: check in
Mon Dec 19, 2016 2:02pm


  • check inCathleen Daum, Sat Oct 24 11:17pm
    Hi all.. I always come by this site, cause it helped me when I was confused . I am now helping others with this BC, the best I can. Still Cancer free after I think 11 years, who counts. I could check ... more
    • Re: check in — Anonymous, Mon Dec 19 2:02pm
    • HiSusan, Sun Oct 25 6:26pm
      Hi Cathleen. Nice to hear from you.It has been a very long time since we 'chatted'..Sounds as though you are doing very well :):) Stay well my friend and yep..Never give up!!! hugs
    • CountingRoberta Saniga, Sun Oct 25 4:04pm
      You are so right, I gave up counting the years a long time ago. I just live each day.
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