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Risky Business
Tue Jul 18, 2006 16:43 (XFF:

Kareen woke to another plain morning in her rooms, the bell tolling the time for her unwilling ears. She had no desire to be up today. Her eyes roamed the now familiar rooms around her. Nothing different. Nothing strange.

Kareen could not help but wonder if she had changed in the night. It had been early into the hours of the morning before she finally let herself rest. Had she changed? In those moments that she had finally decided to give into an Aes Sedaiís help had she been changed. No, she decided. Just because she was asking for help this once meant nothing. It still meant the world to her that she not show anyone weakness.

For just that reason, Kareen was going to find help in the most subtle way she could. There was no need for other Novices to know about this, and she had no desire to let them know either. This was for her and whatever Aes Sedai who was willing to help.

Kareen was walking through the Tower to the Gardens in the brief moments she had to herself. She had been thinking again. As of yet, she had not found a moment to find an Aes Sedai.

This was her time to do so, she knew, but she could not bring herself to go searching. Kareen knew very well that she could not walk up to any old Sister and ask them to help her. She had to be clever about how and who she approached.

In the back of her mind she recalled a Grey with whom she had taken an Ajah lesson with. Without much trouble she recalled the Aes Sedaiís name. It had been Teli Sedai. Kareen smiled at the thought. This seemed to her to be the best choice.

From her experience in the womanís lesson, the Aes Sedai had enjoyed teaching. Being of the Grey Ajah helped as well. For some reason it seemed to fit. Greyís like to make treaties. Maybe she could find a way to help Kareen make peace with saidar.

Just thinking about it in passing made the anger that was far from surfacing rise up once more. Every moment it grew, but Kareen didnít shy away from it this time. She knew she was angry, and that was part of the problem, so why deny the feeling.

To anyone who was passing, they would plainly see the anger so openly on her face. Fortunately for Kareen, nobody was passing and she suppressed the open emotion quickly. Light knows she hated letting anyone see her thoughts so easily as that.

Her composure took her once again. Thought boiled through her. Now that she had made her decision on who to approach, she could not stay her anxiousness to see Teli Sedai. She had every desire to get rid of this anger and fear at saidar as soon as she could. Kareen could only hope it wouldnít take long for the Aes Sedai to find a solution. Light knew she would crumble if Teli Sedai could do nothing. Sheís Aes Sedai! She can do anything! Kareen was trying to console herself. She knew full well that Aes Sedai were not so perfect as most thought, but for the sake of her problem, she could only hope that Teli Sedai was.

It was already hard enough asking for help, and if that help could do nothing, she would be lost for something to do about it.

Kareen had scoured her mind for a way to find the Aes Sedai she desired to speak with, but she had yet to think of a way. She had no idea where she could find the woman, and if she didnít want to bring attention to herself, she could not just ask anyone.

The answer came to her shining like the noonday sun. It was a risky plan, but it would have to do, she could think of no other way. If anyone were to look at the reason her and Teli Sedai were together, their immediate response would be nothing near the true answer. They would think Teli Sedai was punishing her for what she had done, and it was appropriate.

There was a definate possibility that Kareen might be punished in her efforts, but she was prepared to take that risk. There were some ifs to her plan, and if it didnít work out just as she was hoping it would, she might regret the meeting entirely. This was a dangerous plan.

It was beginning to dawn on her just how dangerous it might be. If any other Aes Sedai came but Teli Sedai, she might even be accused of attempted runaway. That thought scared her, but she refused to back down. Maybe it wasnít the best way to get the Aes Sedaiís attention, but it was the only plan she had.

It was late in the day again, and Kareen was supposed to be heading to her rooms. Instead, she had been heading towards the stables. Not even the Novice or Accepted stables, but the stables where all the Aes Sedai horses were kept.

Teli Sedai was a Grey, and she dearly hoped she was correct in her assumption that a Grey would have a horse in case they had to be off to some place or another to settle a treaty. Light, let her have a horse.

Her plan might still work if she didnít own a horse in the stables, but if she didnít own one, then people would talk and wonder why a Novice had asked after a non existent horse.

Luck seemed to be with her for the moment. She met nobody along her way, so she had not been stopped to be questioned. There the stables were, just before her. Looking about her, she made a dash to their still open doors. Immediately there was a groom before her, but he took one look at her and his eyes narrowed suspiciously. He knew she was a Novice and it was no wonder he was suspicious. Why should a Novice be in the Aes Sedaiís stables?

Taking one breath, Kareen tried to seem sure of herself. She looked the groom straight in the eye and said what she had been planning in her head all evening. ďI was sent ahead to ask you to ready Teli Sedaiís horse.Ē Kareen patted herself on the back mentally. She had managed to ask in such a way that the groom would almost believe her, but would know that she was lying.

The groom nodded and headed away. Kareen watched as he put his head together with another groom and they exchanged some words she could not hear. Kareenís heart was pounding. If her plan went as she dearly hoped it would, the man who was now running off towards the Tower would be on his way to Teli Sedai to inform her that some Novice was trying to steal her horse.

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