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Caught Off Guard
Sat Jul 22, 2006 18:14 (XFF:

It was getting late in the day. Teli had taken an early dinner, had retired to her quarters, and was about to ready herself for bed, a knock came on her door. Utterly confused as to who would be at her door, the young Gray Sister moved slowly towards it. If it was Hyldae, she would have already opened the door, and not necessarily after knocking. She had spoken to anyone that would come up to her quarters already, earlier in the day, so unless something important had come up, they wouldn't be here either. Also, it wasn't Blaesius, because she could tell he was still in the Infirmary through their Bond. She only knew he was in the Infirmary, because of the Bond's ability to tell her how far he was from her, and in what direction, and being a Yellow, that's where most of his time was spent, so the position was very well known to her.

Teli opened the door slowly, and who she saw on the other side did not quell her confusion. She did not recognize the man that was standing in the entry way of her quarters but by what he was wearing, she was willing to bet that he was a groom from the stables. That just added to her confusion. Why would a groom be coming up to her quarters? She didn't have much time to rely on her own thoughts before the groom made his reason known for why he was there.

"Are you Teli Sedai?" The groom asked, obviously having something important he wished to say, seeming how out of breath he was, so Teli just nodded and indicated for him to continue. "There was a Novice down at the stables. She requested that we ready your horse. To my knowledge, you don't have a horse stabled here." That was true, she didn't own her own horse, but there was a certain horse that was actually the property of the White Tower that she requested whenever she needed to leave the Tower on a small journey that would be too far to walk, but not far enough to require her to request the aid of another Aes Sedai to make a Gateway.

Not bothering to place her shawl about her shoulders before leaving her quarters, Teli motioned for the groom to lead the way.

"Let's go and see what this Novice is up to," Teli said, mostly to herself, as she made her way down to the Aes Sedai's stable with the groom. It wasn't long before they arrived, even though it took longer than Teli would have wished. If this Novice truly was planning what Teli thought she was, every moment counted. Maybe that was why the groom had run up to her room? Maybe this Novice appeared to be attempting an escape...but then why would the Novice ask for Teli Sedai's horse? This was making less sense by the moment. Certainly the groom had not been mistaken onto what Aes Sedai's horse the Novice had asked for. Maybe this was just one large mix-up. Teli didn't know that many Novices, beyond the few that made appearances at her lessons. Truth be told, except for the Gray Ajah lesson not too long ago, it had been a while since her last lesson, so it wouldn't surprise her if she wasn't very well know to the Novices. Not that she really ever was, being more of a solitary person most of her Novice and Accepted years, but she could still point out a few faces.

When they finally reached the stable, Teli couldn't help her surprise at seeing the white clad young woman waiting there. It was a Novice from her Gray Ajah lesson. Teli could never forget this young woman, because of her Sea Folk heritage that had made her stand out during the lesson. Light, but if she could only recall the young woman's full name. It didn't matter at the moment, since it was not the time for pleasantries, it was a time for answers.

"Novice Kareen, I hear that you were asking this fine gentleman to ready my horse. To my knowledge, I wasn't planning on going anywhere today." Teli said this calmly, trying to be kind to the Novice, while not letting her think she was going to get away with what she had done. "May I inquire as to why I needed my horse readied?" The question hung in the air, and Teli hoped that the young woman had a good explanation for her actions.

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