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A Plan Without A Plan
Sun Jul 23, 2006 16:20 (XFF:

Kareen had been watching the doors to the stables anxiously ever since the groom had left at a run. The other had been working slowly, as if pretending to saddle a horse. She could not see the horse he was ‘saddling’ but there certainly was one. That made Kareen breathe a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, it took longer than Kareen could have hoped for the Aes Sedai she had been wishing for strode brusquely into the stables. Kareen almost cringed at the sight. She knew she would be in trouble for this, but she could not change her mind now.

Her left hand twitched with the effort of holding it down at her side. There was a great desire for it to snake it’s way to her face and finger the honor chain at her cheek. These were just the meetings she did not like. That honor chain was the only thing that held her in her place.

She had a reason to be here, she knew, but Teli Sedai did not, and if Kareen did not do some quick thinking, she might dig herself deeper in the hole she had made. The groom behind her seemed slightly out of breath-he had probably run all the way to the Aes Sedai. However, Teli Sedai seemed quite composed. She came to an abrupt halt before Kareen, and though Kareen looked down on the Aes Sedai, she could not help but feel smaller than a Cairhienin when she looked at the woman. It was not that she looked menacing in any way, it was simply the aura that she held around her.

Teli Sedai addressed her, “Novice Kareen, I hear that you were asking this fine gentleman to ready my horse. To my knowledge, I wasn’t planning on going anywhere today.” Her voice seemed friendly enough, but Kareen would hear nothing of it, the Aes Sedai could easily be testing her for some reason or another. Kareen knew nothing of the minds of Aes Sedai just yet, and she was not about to let down her guard until she could be absolutely sure of the Aes Sedai before her.

“May I inquire as to why I needed my horse readied?” Unfortunately, Kareen had not yet prepared an answer to just this question. The grooms were standing there, listening intently to the conversation. Everything she said in reply was being pulled from nowhere, and Kareen could only hope it was enough to please the Aes Sedai, at least for now.

A polite bow, appropriate of the Aes Sedai’s rank preceded her answer. “I was told to come down here and ready your horse by another. They informed me of your need for a horse and that time was of the essence, so I hurried here as quickly as I could to do as I was told. I could lead you to them if you wish it, Teli Sedai.” Kareen’s voice held a pleading note she was sure only the Aes Sedai would notice. If Teli Sedai had heard it, Kareen hoped she might let Kareen lead her off to where there were no prying ears.

Having already done enough to get her into trouble, Kareen had no desire to add to the pile of misdemeanors Teli Sedai could punish her for. She stood there silently, awaiting the Aes Sedai’s reply as patiently as she could. The Aes Sedai probably thought her to be a runaway, but if she acquiesced, Kareen would be given a chance to explain herself. As best as she could in the least.

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