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The Pressing Matter of Clothing (MoN's!)
Tue Aug 1, 2006 17:20 (XFF:

Dempsey's delicate sashay across the polished floors of the White Tower provided him some comfort. His confidence was rather shaken, as he watched the throngs of white pass him by. He frowned at each and every Novice that passed him by, and could not keep a touch of sorrow from the usual joyful swiveling of his stout hips. His fair build was on the pudgier side, and covered in a multitude of silks. Lace layered every opening of his shirt, from cuff to collar. The royal blue silk shirt shone in the light of the passing windows, and he cuddled a delicate lavender scarf wrapped around his arms and neck, as if to provide him with comfort. His pants were black and tight around his bulk, and often let out the foreboding sound of stretching fabric as he swiveled about.

The Accepted in front of him, garbed in her plain dress, with the banded hem, took no notice of Dempsey's swaying. She merely led him, as he effortlessly ignored her. He followed, of course, but she may not have existed to the man of nineteen as he peered at the passing male Novices. His smile to each one that caught his discerning eye was both flirtatious and promising, a passing glimpse and promise of great romance to come. And yet it was passing, and each young man that he stared at either smiled back and kept walking, or shuddered and did the same. It did not bother Dempsey, very little did as he ascended the stairs to Mistress of Novices office. His mind was full of a melancholy parting, as he thought back to the intensely dull manservant Lyall, whom he had just left behind for what seemed like forever. The man was to return home to Cairhien, to await his master's return. Dempsey felt Lyall's abandonment keenly, as a jabbing reminder that he would not be returning to his beloved Cairhien for some time.

His thoughts strayed neither to family nor to his home, however, as he approached the doors of the office. All that was in his mind was the horror, the absolute atrocity, that he should be forced to wear all white. His mind was a flitter of thoughts of how jarringly it would conflict with his well trimmed and stylishly kept charcoal hair, and how it would do so little to bring out the splendor of his dark eyes. His only saving hope as the Accepted nonchalantly opened the door to the office, was that he could somehow convince the woman within to allow him the courtesy of a multitude of colours. Dempsey took a deep breathe before entering the office, making sure his short stature was at its full height. He increased his sashay, and made certain his nose was quite properly straight in the air.

He entered to find a rather aged Aes Sedai, as aged as one of their ilk could look at least, sitting at her desk. She had silver through her auburn hair, and seemed to be a touch impatient for him to enter fully. Dempsey obliged her, and with a swish of silk and dangerous sounds of protest from his pants, he came up to her desk. "So glorious," he began, in his high and feminine simper. "So glorious that we should meet. Two fine individuals, both completely full of the proper refinement, meeting under circumstances of utmost certainty. For, dear Mistress of Novices, I am Dempsey Apteco Taborwin. You have no doubt been expecting me for some time, but I am afraid I ran afoul with a final splendid shop in Tar Valon before arriving before you. As you have no doubt heard, my cousin is anxious to have my education begin as quickly as possible. You would know of my cousin I presume? Dobraine Taborwin? Yes, I thought as much."

Dempsey did not pause, either for a breath or to give the Mistress of Novices a moment to speak. "I am sure you can appreciate the horror of travel, and I must enquire if you could accommodate me in something more suitable to one of my noble origins. I have heard horrid rumours of Novice accommodations, and I of course expect to be treated better. Then," he said, his tone dropping slightly to something that vaguely resembled seriousness, "there is the extremely pressing matter of clothing. I simply cannot be made to wear all white, and I should think you would be accommodating of this also, no? If not, then I assure you my cousin will have a few choice words for you, dear Aes Sedai."

He finished and strutted back and forth. The woman took a moment to respond, as if she were slightly taken aback. As she began what he sensed was going to be a long speech, he peered about the room, looking for some sense of excellent décor. He found the room rather sparse and ugly, and quickly decided that the woman before him was not of suitable fashion to be treated as an equal. Not with those drapes, he thought to himself, as he fingered his numerous shining rings. He put on his most convincing smile to the woman, but was rather deterred in it by the lack of a masculine presence in the room.

OOC: Here is a wee introduction for dear Dempsey. Have fun with him Donna, lol. He is going to be a challenge...

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