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Me? A Mentor? (Adanai!)
Wed Aug 2, 2006 16:26 (XFF:

Calia absently thumbed the slim band on her finger, still trying to get used to the feeling of the added weight on her hand. Such a simple little thing to mean so much to her, especially considering only mere months ago she had wanted nothing more than to escape the White Tower. She had hated everything it stood for, yet here she stood in the banded hems of an Accepted with a ring on her finger symbolizing the fact that she had bound herself to the Tower and the goal of attaining the shawl. She would be sei'mosiev for the rest of her life if she were among the Seanchan. Well, actually she would have been a damane, a fate she would have gladly accepted once, but that was entirely beside the point. She wasn't among the Seanchan anymore, she wasn't a sul'dam, or a marath'damane, or anything of the sort. She was an Accepted of the White Tower and it was time to get used to it. If that was the case why was she still sitting nervously outside the Mistress of Novices office like a novice waiting to be chastised?

Madeline Sedai was busy at the moment, something must have come up seeing as she had been the one who had sent for Calia, but hopefully it wouldn’t be too much longer. At least, the novice on messenger duty assured Calia that it wouldn't be. It had been odd to have the girl jump up and drop a curtsey when she entered the room, very odd, even more when she had answered the Seanchan woman's question before she had asked. It had felt good too, having that respect. In a way it reminded her of being a sul'dam, of people and damane jumping to obey her commands before she even had a chance to give them. Just thinking of it made a smirk light on her features as she remembered how it felt to be complete with a damane by way of the a'dam. She missed that more than she could ever express. She doubted even the other former sul'dam here understood that feeling; she doubted they had been presented with the chance to undo ten years of their lives by the Arches. She could have had it all, and she had given it up to gain Acceptance. It shouldn't have hurt as much as it did. That life had been abandoned when she had made the choice to return to Tar Valon instead of running to Ebou Dar.

When the door finally opened and a novice, looking properly chastised as many novices did after being sent to see the Mistress of Novices, left; Calia rose gracefully from the chair she was waiting in and smoothed pristinely white skirts over her hips. She walked into Madeline Sedai's office with a gently swaying gait, full of confidence; a manner of moving which would be inexplicable to anyone who didn't know what Calia had gone through in the test. Having the vague – and sometimes not so vague – memories of years spent as a Caemlyn prostitute left their mark it seemed. Light! Can't I separate myself from these memories? Are they forever a part of me, these lives I never had the chance to live? It took conscious effort to move in a manner which wouldn't be viewed as inherently seductive when she curtsied before the Green Sister. Did everyone feel like this after they were raised to Accepted? "You wanted to see me, Madeline Sedai?"

"Yes, Calia," The Accepted wasn't sure she liked the look in the Aes Sedai's eyes; "I'm assigning you a novice to mentor." Calia was right, she didn't like that look. Her own crystal blue eyes widened in surprise as she stared at the Mistress of Novices dumbly.

"You're what?" Calia demanded, only to earn a look of admonishment before belatedly tacking on, "Aes Sedai," at the end. "I'm not sure that's such a good idea, I haven't the faintest idea how to be a mentor. Perhaps Jocelyn would be a better choice, if you don't mind my saying so, Madeline Sedai."

"The child's name is Adanai Kyann, and you will be her mentor Calia. You're an Accepted now and that comes with added responsibility. Adanai has been told to expect you."

Calia nodded, only slightly sullenly, and dropped another curtsey. "If I may be excused?" The sister nodded and Calia rose, pushing the waves of raven hair away from her face as she left quickly to find the girl's room, not at all pleased with this turn of events. She hadn't a clue how she was supposed to be a mentor to one of these novices! She was barely out of the novice whites herself and her only experience in teaching, as a sul'dam, didn't really hold with the Tower's high standards. No, using an a'dam and the threat of pain simply wouldn't do. Not that she'd even be allowed to touch an a'dam. The Tower had few of them, most under study by Aes Sedai of varying Ajahs.

Rounding one corner, and then another, Calia found herself in the main novice well where the girls had rooms – where she had been housed until recently – and made her way to Adanai's room. Waves of polite curtsies and less polite whispers followed in her wake, a phenomenon she doubted she would ever grow used to, until she reached her destination and knocked firmly. The door only slightly muffled the response from within and Calia entered the room with a feeling of nostalgia despite the short days since she had lived in a very similar white box. The girl within, the Accepted seriously doubted the child was anywhere near her age, was a little taller than herself with dark hair and eyes but a pale complexion. Calia resisted the urge to frown, or take up the condescending look she had once directed at damane, or even worse to allow the cruel smirk that had been one of Talai's most feared expressions creep across her features. No, somehow she managed a soft smile. "Good morning, Novice Adanai," Her words still held a faint trace of the Seanchan accent, "I'm Accepted Calia Selle," Well, that felt odd on her tongue. Accepted Calia! "I am to be your mentor it seems." Was she going about this right? "If you'll come with me we can perhaps get some breakfast and talk. Then, well then we have as much time as we need to answer your questions and show you what you might wish to see." She was forgetting something… "Oh, and you'll be learning to embrace saidar today as well."

Calia didn't like this much. It was just plain cruel to throw a new Accepted into this so quickly!

OOC: And so it begins! Welcome (back) to the White Tower! 300 words is the minimum, but there's no maximum (until the boards cut you off, that is) so feel free to write more. Take them to breakfast and have a bit of conversation with Calia where they can talk and she can explain some of the ins and outs of life as a novice if need be. Go ahead and have Calia say stuff, I'm fine with that, but if you're unsure if she'd say something just shoot me an email and I can tell you if she would or what she would say.

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