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Novice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin
Re: A New Task
Fri Aug 11, 2006 09:19 (XFF:

Dempsey attempted to accept his novice quarters, after a rather unique exchange between the Mistress of Novices and himself. He had already been in mourning over the loss of his precious clothes, and seeing his tiny room pushed him over the edge. He had sobbed, though the Accepted that had brought him had paid him little heed. He had dejectedly plopped himself upon the bed, before jumping up with shock. The entire mattress was covered with lumps and horrible tough spots. He sniffled despite himself and attempted to compose himself. It is not becoming of a nobleman of Cairhien, he told himself, to be found sobbing in his quarters. Even if they are woefully tragic and horrid… He eyed the whiteness all around him, and felt quite inspired to hire a carriage and take himself back directly to Cairhien. He thought perhaps, however, that the Aes Sedai would object to this. We will see what they object to when Dobraine puts his foot down, Dempsey thought indignantly.

A knock upon the door pulled him from his thoughts. He let out a long sigh, definitely not in the mood to entertain any fool who wandered by. "Enter," he simpered however, knowing he had little choice. He wiped away the tears, he attempted to fix his charcoal hair so that it at least resembled his usual fashionable self. In entered a man, who seemed distinctly tall to Dempsey. He had long blonde hair, and a fairly pretty face. It was his distinct and well kept hands that caught Dempsey's eye however, and he found himself smiling flirtatiously before the man had even spoken. "Novice Dempsey? I am Accepted Soradrelle. I am here to help you get aquatinted with the Tower." Dempsey frowned slightly at this, but stood and drew himself up to his full height, short as it was.

Dempsey came just over Soradrelle's chest, but he deigned not to notice. "Are you now? How very impressive…and what are you going to show me? Perhaps where a pretty one like you sleeps, or where I can buy some decent clothes in Tar Valon?" The man seemed taken aback by this almost right away, but Dempsey pushed on, his high simper unabated. "You will find, dear man, that you would garner great benefits by doing as I ask of you, so listen closely. Firstly, I wish a bath. I still feel rather dirty from travel. Then I would like a change of clothes, and well; you can take it from there. Perhaps we can get to know each other a little, ahem, better?" Dempsey grinned, not really caring if the man was interested or not.

OOC: Oooh...this is going to be interesting...I can tell...

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        "Are you now?” Dempsey had said, and Sora began to bristle at his tone. “How very impressive…and what are you going to show me? Perhaps where a pretty one like you sleeps, or where I can buy some... more
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                    It was almost physically painful for Soradrelle to watch Dempsey taking the petitioner’s cloaks and coats - he was clearly not even trying to be humble, apparently preferring instead to be rude.... more
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