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Lessons in Respect and Patience
Fri Aug 11, 2006 09:56 (XFF:

"Are you now?” Dempsey had said, and Sora began to bristle at his tone. “How very impressive…and what are you going to show me? Perhaps where a pretty one like you sleeps, or where I can buy some decent clothes in Tar Valon?" The Novice’s attitude was distinctly sarcastic, and Soradrelle didn’t care for it, or for the boy’s taunts. Pretty one!?! Ignoring the tightening around Sora’s eyes, the boy continued his arrogant monologue. "You will find, dear man, that you would garner great benefits by doing as I ask of you, so listen closely. Firstly, I wish a bath. I still feel rather dirty from travel. Then I would like a change of clothes, and well; you can take it from there. Perhaps we can get to know each other a little, ahem, better?"

Sora hesitated a moment, considering how to begin. He may not enjoy tormenting Novices as some Accepted did, but if he tolerated such disrespect, if Dempsey thought he could get away with such, it would not go well with him in the future. “I am afraid,” Sora began in a voice far icier than his original tone, “that I am not at liberty to grant you permission to enter the city. Neither are Novices permitted in the Accepted Quarters except by summons, and I’ve no intention of summoning you there - the comparison between the rooms would only frustrate you more.” Sora then looked sympathetically at Dempsey, and his tone was gentler. After all, hadn’t he missed the brilliant colors of his own clothes when he came? “And, unfortunately, a change of clothes is not permitted you either - believe me, I know how you feel. I came from the Tuatha’an to the Tower, and the lack of color depressed me as well. But there’s nothing to be done about it. When you’re Accepted, you’ll at least get bands on your hems, but until then, it’s Novice white. And finally. . .” Here his tone firmed again, “I will require at least a modicum of respect from you, Novice. I’m not like some Accepted, who enjoy lording it over Novices, but I won’t allow you to develop bad habits either. You are to bow when you see us, not so deeply as to an Aes Sedai, of course, and you are to address us as ‘Accepted’. While I’m happy to honor small, reasonable requests, such as showing you where you can fill your water basin, how to get to the library, the infirmary, or the gardens, you will not make demands of me.” Sora paused to take a breath, and calm down. Only a Novice, just a few days in the Tower at most. Probably not even that. Remember the Way, he told himself, and consider this a lesson in patience. And then he finished, misconstruing the boy’s “offer” entirely, taking it literally. “I do hope we will get to know each other better, and even become friends. I’m here to help you as best I can, even if it doesn’t seem so at the moment. If you really would like a bath, you can follow me and I’ll show you where you can fill your basin, and when you’re through I’ll show you around a bit and give you a basic introduction to the White Tower.”

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    Dempsey attempted to accept his novice quarters, after a rather unique exchange between the Mistress of Novices and himself. He had already been in mourning over the loss of his precious clothes, and ... more
    • Lessons in Respect and Patience — Accepted Soradrelle, Fri Aug 11 09:56
      • Not the Fastest of LearnersNovice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Fri Aug 18 03:23
        Dempsey did not even attempt to look like he was listening. Indeed through all of the Accepted's rather long and tiring speech, he was picking at his nails, ensuring there was no dirt beneath them.... more
        • Special Education!Accepted Soradrelle, Thu Aug 31 13:16
          Soradrelle’s gaze hardened as Dempsey obviously ignored his words, and the fool’s laughter was the last straw. He would have preferred to be friends with his student, but his primary duty was to... more
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            • First to ServeAccepted Soradrelle, Sun Sep 3 10:24
              Soradrelle stared at the Novice for several moments. He could remember exactly one time when someone’s attitude had changed so quickly - that had been an equally spoiled girl who’s moods had changed... more
              • Slapped Shamelessly by Some Stupid Saldean!Novice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Sat Sep 9 07:48
                It grated Dempsey considerably to bow to passing Accepted, to stare at the novices with equality. He was tired however, and he was making no progress in his fight against the Tower's ridiculous... more
                • If your eye causes you to sin. . .Accepted Soradrelle, Tue Nov 14 18:36
                  It was almost physically painful for Soradrelle to watch Dempsey taking the petitioner’s cloaks and coats - he was clearly not even trying to be humble, apparently preferring instead to be rude.... more
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