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Not the Fastest of Learners
Fri Aug 18, 2006 03:23 (XFF:

Dempsey did not even attempt to look like he was listening. Indeed through all of the Accepted's rather long and tiring speech, he was picking at his nails, ensuring there was no dirt beneath them. After the man had finished, Dempsey could not help but laugh at what little he had caught the man saying. His laugh was high, loud, and long. It sounded like a woman's loud laughter, only was tinged by traces of masculinity, making it quite odd. "My dear man, if you honestly expect me to bow...needless to say it shall not be. Aes Sedai may bully me about, as the dear Mistress of Novices proves, but not you!" He took a deep breath to steady himself, for anger and frustration was seeping up from the recesses he had attempt to hide them in. "If you honestly think you know how I feel, losing my gorgeous clothing, because you are a Tinker of all things, you have another thing coming," Dempsey wiped away tears at this statement. The thought of his clothes made him acutely depressed.

The man seemed about to speak, but Dempsey cut him off and continued. "That said," he simpered, ending with a short sigh. "I should like to see the Tower. Take me throughout it, and never mind whether a place is forbidden or not. I may be a long way from Cairhien, but that does not mean I do not still have influence!" He said this proudly, but found himself doubting his words. His first visit with an Aes Sedai had gone terribly, and he was beginning to become less frustrated and more afraid of his situation. Indeed, the very idea of not having servants to command or his precious clothes sent thrills of terror through his innards. He of course did not express any of this, and his Cairhien noble face was used to hiding his thoughts and feelings. He took another deep breath, and waited for whatever the strange Accepted would have to say to him.

OOC: Sorry this is a long time in coming!

  • Lessons in Respect and PatienceAccepted Soradrelle, Fri Aug 11 09:56
    "Are you now?” Dempsey had said, and Sora began to bristle at his tone. “How very impressive…and what are you going to show me? Perhaps where a pretty one like you sleeps, or where I can buy some... more
    • Not the Fastest of Learners — Novice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Fri Aug 18 03:23
      • Special Education!Accepted Soradrelle, Thu Aug 31 13:16
        Soradrelle’s gaze hardened as Dempsey obviously ignored his words, and the fool’s laughter was the last straw. He would have preferred to be friends with his student, but his primary duty was to... more
        • Could We Maybe See the Big Men with Swords??Novice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Sun Sep 3 09:58
          "Oh very well," Dempsey said grumpily to the threat of being starved. He was tired of endlessly railing against the stubborn Tower-folk, and decided that he could perhaps simply enjoy his tour of the ... more
          • First to ServeAccepted Soradrelle, Sun Sep 3 10:24
            Soradrelle stared at the Novice for several moments. He could remember exactly one time when someone’s attitude had changed so quickly - that had been an equally spoiled girl who’s moods had changed... more
            • Slapped Shamelessly by Some Stupid Saldean!Novice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Sat Sep 9 07:48
              It grated Dempsey considerably to bow to passing Accepted, to stare at the novices with equality. He was tired however, and he was making no progress in his fight against the Tower's ridiculous... more
              • If your eye causes you to sin. . .Accepted Soradrelle, Tue Nov 14 18:36
                It was almost physically painful for Soradrelle to watch Dempsey taking the petitioner’s cloaks and coats - he was clearly not even trying to be humble, apparently preferring instead to be rude.... more
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