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Putting Out a Fire with...Tears?
Fri Aug 18, 2006 03:51 (XFF:

Dempsey could not help his eyes from bulging at the woman. She had laughed at him; that had been the first great offense. Now she was explaining quite calmly, even mirthfully, that she planned to burn his clothes! Her speech continued and Dempsey found himself feeling more and more soundly shaken. He had not even registered that perhaps he did not have a choice of going to the Tower, that maybe he had to. It was a terrifying thought for him, one that made him feel like rushing out the door of the ugly office and hiring the nearest coach to bring him back to Cairhien. But even as he thought this, he could almost tangibly feel that door of opportunity closing. He felt himself go even paler, which was an amazing feat for a Cairhien. He tried to find his confidence that just seconds ago had been brimming inside of him, but could not. "Surely, goo-...Madeline Sedai, you cannot be serious?" he said, balking at the idea she had made him change his way of referring to her. "Burn my clothes? But they are my dearest possessions!" He took a deep breath, and addressed the entirety of her speech.

"It seems I have misjudged things slightly," he simpered sadly. He caught himself, and switched back to his usual high and joyful simper. "And what, Madeline Sedai, do you plan to do to me? Your tone is sharp and your manner hard! I...I am a Taborwin, you have no right to do this!" Dempsey felt his self-control slip away even as he the tears began. "My clothes, why my clothes?" he asked no one in particular. He sobbed in earnest, quite stricken by his own plight. "My cousin shall have your head for this," he said hopelessly. "And I shall be allowed my clothes! You shall see," he muttered, before beginning to sob so hard he could barely talk. He made no effort to disguise his tears, but still felt rather annoyed to be displaying such emotion before the Mistress of Novices. "It is not fair! I am a noble of Cairhien...what did I do to deserve being struck with this…this curse! I am undone," he gasped for air, before falling to his knees and sobbing upon his pants. "Because of you and your foul rules, and the damn One Power, I shall fade into history and be forgotten as some distant cousin of a great lord. I shall be dubbed a failure of the White Tower, and of my house!"

He declined into sobs so long and hopeless he could no longer speak. He just lay there, hopeless and lonely. Dempsey had allowed himself to pout and sob when he wanted a particular item of clothing, but his parents were refusing him. He had occasionally felt sad, even depressed as he grew up. But never had he felt the crushing hopelessness that assailed him just then. The sensation was quite foreign to him, and yet seemed quite appropriate. His schemes to be Aes Sedai and use this influence to become the High Seat of his house failed in his own mind, and he felt quite utterly hopeless. He looked up at the woman, and gave her the most vicious and horrible glare he could manage with his feminine features.

OOC: Let me be the very last to say WELCOME BACK! Lol, I hope all is well, and I look forward to your response. This is what happens when you prod a pretty boy too hard. I can only imagine what will happen when he has to do a chore, haha! I am so cruel...(-;

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