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So Do Thuggish Tailors
Tue Aug 29, 2006 09:36 (XFF:

Dempsey felt horrified as he listened to the Mistress of Novices long speech. He listened to her talk of practicality and maturity grudgingly, but before long had quite forgotten to listen. When she began to walk, Dempsey followed impassively, but found himself concentrating much more upon his sashay and peering at the multitude of male Tower-folk that were passing him by then her voice. He also was left to consider the terrifying idea that he would soon be wearing the horrible white clothing presented before him, and that they would burn his clothes. The very thought of this brought further tears to Dempsey's eyes, and caused him to shoot nasty glares at the Mistress of Novices, who strode swiftly in front of him. The pace she set soon proved a touch quick for Dempsey's usual sashay, forcing him to jog along side her with his short legs, panting like a commoner. If she causes stains from my sweat upon this shirt, there will be the Dark One to pay! Dempsey thought, though he had trouble coming up with some means of causing a punishment, the lady before him being more then slightly intimidating and powerful. Dempsey of course let none of this touch his face.

Dempsey was marveled at how all of the novices and Accepted bowed to Madeline. Dempsey could not help but feel a touch irritated that he was being ignored, paid no respect, while a pompous graying Aes Sedai commanded the respect of anyone she passed. They arrived before a room that smelled vaguely of laundry, with tailors and seamstresses bustling about and preparing a multitude of clothing. Dempsey took in the delightful gowns and tunics that were being fashioned, and had to suppress a whimper when he saw all of the other clothes, plain and white. An annoying Andoran seamstress was soon nattering away to Madeline, and paying Dempsey no mind. He did so in turn, and refused to meet her common gaze, instead inspecting passing pieces of clothing. "Nattie here will see that you're measured, and set you up with your new garb as quick as we can. We should have tunic and breeches in your size, so it won't be long," said Madeline calmly.

Dempsey could not suppress his frustration any longer, and felt himself growing tightlipped. Before he could even respond to this utter insult to his position, Madeline said; "I'll be waiting outside. You'll cooperate, I'm sure. You don't want to get poked with a needle, do you?" With a look that came far too close to amusement upon her face, Madeline left Dempsey with the servant woman, who was smiling warmly at him. At first he was at a loss for words, and then spluttered and began a long, and rather loud, recitation of the day's injustices.

"The nerve of that woman! Poked with a needle indeed! The way she dresses, both her eyes must have been poked by needles," Dempsey said, his high simper rising in distress. "To think that she would speak to me, me, a noble of a Cairhien house that way! The Taborwin house no less. That woman will be getting a harsh visit from my cousin and his soldiers, mark my words," Dempsey hollered shrilly, gesticulating madly in the direction of Nattie. "There will be the Dark One to pay once all of this has come clean, and I shall make sure it is paid in double!" Nattie seemed rather surprised, a touch angry, and, Dempsey thought grudgingly, rather amused.

"If you will just follow me," she said kindly, placing a guiding hand upon Dempsey's back.

"No I most certainly will not!" Dempsey said, slapping the woman's hand away. "If you think for one moment I shall go from this splendor," he waved at his current attire. "To that!" Dempsey pointed angrily at a novice who was being fitted in whites. "Then you are quite mistaken! I will take that fine yellow silk tunic there, and those burgundy leather pantaloons, and nothing else." Dempsey's voice was shrilly firm. The woman stood before him for a moment, looking rather confused. "Well go, woman! Are you deaf, or incapable of fitting? Are you some sort of fraud seamstress?? Fetch the clothing and get me properly dressed to walk with that despicable woman, or I shall have you beaten, by order of Lord Taborwin!" Dempsey waved his hands about madly, pointing and jabbing at Nattie occasionally to further get his point across.

"Those clothes are for Aes Sedai. You are going to wear the novice whites," Nattie said kindly, but in a voice that left little room for nonsense.

Dempsey blustered, but let a yelp as too large tailors hoisted him up onto the platform designed for fitting. Nattie strode forward to examine Dempsey's figure, and reached for a small pair of pants. "Unhand me!" Dempsey screamed. "I shall not be manhandled by servants! Guards, wherever you are! Get these thugs off of me!" He fought against the two large men still holding him still, before pathetically giving up and slouching dejectedly. After a few tries, a number of insults hurled at her and the room in general, Dempsey had novice whites that she assured would fit perfectly. "I don't want them to fit, you daft girl! I want to wear the silk, the silk dammit!"

Nattie shook her head before asking calmly; "Will you be requiring accompaniment to change, or will you be good and do so yourself?"

Dempsey's face went scarlet as the clothes were shoved into his arms, and he was thrown into one of the many rooms set aside for changing. The two tailors's slammed the curtain into place, and Dempsey could spy their large feet waiting for him. "This is an injustice of the worst kind!" Dempsey said pathetically, before beginning to cry again. "My clothes…why my clothes?" He demanded the curtain. After another few moments of sobbing, there was a resounding smack upon the rooms wall to get Dempsey moving, and he began removing his clothes. I've got to hid these! he thought desperately. I can come back for them later, and still have decent clothing! He hurriedly undressed, his shockingly pale skin gleaming in the dim changing room light.

He put the novice whites on and felt liken retching. Instead he let out a quiet whimper as he peered down at his large belly and short legs covered in white fabric. And, from the feel of it, not very good fabric! Dempsey thought sadly. Shrugging, and assuring himself he would still have good clothes no matter what, he carefully folded his fine silk clothing and hid them in a corner of the small room. He hurriedly placed the small stool meant for sitting upon while one changed over his clothes, and rushed out. "I suppose this is not all that bad," Dempsey said to the tailor and Nattie. The two big men scowled, but Nattie beamed.

Feeling much better about the entire predicament, he took a step towards the door Madeline had exited. "Where are your old clothes? They have to be taken to the burning room." Nattie asked. Dempsey suppressed a wince, and then turned to regard her, his brightest and toothiest smile upon his face.

"I have them right here, bundled up in my fabulous new whites!" Dempsey said, hurriedly forming a bulge in the fabric. Nattie looked at him quizzically.

"Why?" she said shortly. "Let's see them!"

Dempsey cursed shrilly, as he turned to run towards the change rooms, just as the two tailors' went in to inspect. He gathered up his old clothing, bolting through the servants who stood dumbstruck watching him. Not my clothes, he thought, anything but my clothes! He burst through the door Madeline had disappeared through, fully intent on rushing out of the Tower forever and returning to Cairhien in all haste, channeling or no channeling. He burst through the small door, and ran soundly into someone, who grunted with slight surprise. They both crashed to the ground and Dempsey was left gasping for air as the two big tailor's burst forward to grab him.

Looking down, Dempsey saw that he lay atop Madeline Sedai, the Mistress of Novices. He was not able to disguise his look of terror.

OOC: lol, maybe a little more dramatic then necessary, but that is really just what Dempsey is. I look forward to how you have Maddy react...and I would love to get my penance out of the way soon!

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