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Let's be Brief, Shall We?
Tue Aug 29, 2006 15:52 (XFF:

Madeline could not help herself. No sooner had the doors shut on the poor miserable Dempsey then she spun a web of Listening, a quick work of Air and Spirit, and focused the weave on the doors. She kept the weave small, and discrete. Dempsey’s words, high and thin as if on a wind, met her ears.

"This is an injustice of the worst kind!" There was a muffled sound, and then a wail. "My clothes…why my clothes?"

Madeline shook her head. It had been a long time since she’d seen someone take on so over losing their clothes, and she was afraid that her amusement was far outweighing any irritation at this point. Really, how could she take such foolishness seriously? Of course, he would have to be dealt with at one point…(or many points, more like it), and the dealing would be hard. She didn’t want to break the poor boy before he even had a chance. Again, she wondered if there was any solid material beneath all that silk-covered flesh. Getting him into novice whites would be the first step to finding out. The Mistress returned her attention to the weave.

More shuffling. Nattie’s voice was muffled, as if her back were turned, and Maddy would have to tweak the weave to bring out her words more clearly. She let it be.

“I suppose this is not all that bad,” Dempsey said next, after a long silence. Madeline frowned. That was too easy.

Nattie spoke, and again, Madeline couldn’t make it out, only that it was a question.

"I have them right here, bundled up in my fabulous new whites!"

Now the voices were closer to the door, and Madeline let the weave go.

It was at that moment that the door crashed open, and a white-clad round boy hurtled out of the room, colliding with a crash into the Mistress of Novices, sending her tumbling to the ground. Natti cried out, and a shower of voices and exclamations followed suit from those inside the room.

“Madeline Sedai!”

”Aes Sedai! Are you hurt?”

From behind, Madeline heard laughter and footsteps approaching. “What in the name of the sweet Creator is going on here?”

Accepted Sonja stood above them, appearing into the scene quite out of the blue, arms folded casually before her, a sardonic smile twisting her mouth. Madeline pushed with her arms, sending Dempsey flying off her, and quickly rose to her feet, brushing off her skirts. Dempsey was still crumpled, red-faced on the floor, clutching at the pile of brilliant fabrics with pale, pudgy hands.

“Novices attacking you, Madeline Sedai?” Sonja queried, tilting her head. Madeline, having regained her breath, only lifted her hands, as if to say ‘What can I do?’

Sonja looked as if she’d been getting too much sun. Her freckles were a spangle of dark splotches over tanned cheeks, and her scruff of chin-length hair was bleached nearly white. Madeline frowned, eyes narrowing at the scuffs of what appeared to be dirt on the creamy white of the girl’s Accepted garb. She’d best not be climbing trees again, she thought. Not so much for the act itself, but that she might have time to do so. Five years as an Accepted, and still Sonja Meranes had not settled on a proper line of study, and try as she might, Madeline seemed unable to settle on one for her.

Sonja jerked a thumb at Dempsey, who had backed himself into the corner, gripping his silks and velvets as if they were his only living son, and he were facing a slavering Trolloc.

“What’s his problem? Why’s he attacking the Mistress of Novices?”

Dempsey opened his mouth to protest, but Madeline shushed him, thrusting a wedge of Air into his mouth. The boy’s eyes bulged.

“He doesn’t want to burn his clothes,” she explained. “He thinks his noble blood makes him too good for novice whites.”

Sonja quirked a brow. “Oh yeah?” She now turned on Dempsey. “Don’t get out much, do you?” she asked. Dempsey frowned, as if unsure at her line of attack. Sonja looked him up and down, taking in his measure in one scathing glance. “Well, they’ll fix you up good,” she said. “You’ll learn quick enough, if you keep on throwing yourself on Aes Sedai. You don’t want to cut up around Madeline Sedai, if you want my advice.”

Sonja reached down, plucking a slippery bit of indigo silk. They were short, but wide, and were stretchy, spangled and sparkly. “Where’d you get purple underpants?” she asked. “Is that how they make them in Cairhien these days?”

Dempsey uttered what was likely a curse from behind the gag, and snatched at them, almost losing his grip on the rest of his clothes. Sonja took a quick step back, the indigo briefs held between thumb and forefinger. A wide grin now painted her tanned face.

“I say you let him wear his pretty purple,” she said, turning back to look at Madeline. Dempsey brightened.


“Sure. Let him choose between wearing only his purple underpants, or his novice whites. He’ll decide he likes white well enough, after a day or so.”

Dempsey now looked ready to explode. The sounds that were coming from behind the gag of Air were really quite impressive. Nattie and the other seamstresses hovered behind, giggling behind their hands. Madeline sent them away with a look and a wave of her hand.

“You’re an Accepted now,” Madeline said, after a moment. “You’ve earned back your privileges. Let’s see if your instincts are any good.”

Now, she smiled. “Child, Accepted Sonja will show you to the burning room. You have a choice, one which Accepted Sonja was thoughtful and clever enough to come up with. You can spend the rest of today in the novice whites that Mistress Nattie just gave you, or you can wear your purple smallclothes. And nothing else.

“The decision is yours.”

She removed the gag of Air, and allowed Dempsey to speak.

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