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Unjust Brevity and the Burning Room
Thu Aug 31, 2006 17:10 (XFF:

Dempsey had never been so mortified nor as angry when Madeline and the Accepted discussed the possibility of forcing him to wear his purple small clothes. Those were custom made! he thought to himself, longing for the soft caress of the underwear. Putting such thoughts aside, he was left to consider the supreme indignity of walking about in ones small clothes. What would that prove in the long run? he was forced to wonder. The novice whites, despicable and ugly though they were, at least provided adequate covering. As the gag of Air was removed, Dempsey felt frustration setting in as it became obvious the less then desirable Accepted would be bringing him to the burning room. The thought made him feel faint, but this sensation was overwhelmed by his utter fury. Going quite red in his pale face, and drawing himself up to his full height, he began to begin on rhetoric of blistering insults.

"In the name of the House of Taborwin I demand that you-" he began, only to be cut off by Accepted Sonja.

"Save it," she said bluntly. "Make your choice now!" She then picked up the rest of his clothes, prepared to head for the burning room.

"I…why I never-" he simpered. The Accepted gave him a flat look, and he took a deep breathe. He was growing tired of constantly fighting this battle, and he resolved to take it up another day. "I will keep the novice whites!" he said, with as much dignity as he could manage. With that Sonja went down a nearby hall, while Madeline flashed him with a look of reprisal, disappointment, and utter amusement. Dempsey was left so infuriated by this complex look that he rambled to no one in particular about the horrors that he was being subjected to. This long monologue, left unheard by Accepted Sonja, ended in their arrival to a strange and large room.

"This is not the-?" Dempsey queried worriedly.

Sonja gave a sharp nod as he spoke. Throwing open the doors; they entered the burning room together.

OOC: lol, I leave dear Sonja to burn the clothes, and then I can write Dempsey's reactions. Feel free to add tears and loud shouts of the injustice-of-it-all-why-can-no-one-help-me speals into your post, for wondrous Dempsey ;-)!

  • Let's be Brief, Shall We?Madeline Sedai, (with a dash of Accepted Sonja), Tue Aug 29 15:52
    Madeline could not help herself. No sooner had the doors shut on the poor miserable Dempsey then she spun a web of Listening, a quick work of Air and Spirit, and focused the weave on the doors. She... more
    • Unjust Brevity and the Burning Room — Novice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Thu Aug 31 17:10
      • Flames...Burning...the Sides of my Face...!Accepted Sonja Meranes, Sat Sep 2 16:44
        “This is not the—“ Sonja turned on the boy, flinging open the heavy wooden door to the burning room with a dramatic gesture. “Yes!” she announced. “This is indeed: the burning room!” She put a hand... more
        • Anger, Fear, and PanicNovice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Sat Sep 9 07:57
          Dempsey felt assuredly and soundly shocked. They had actually burned his clothes. They were nothing but ashes, despite his protests, despite his demands. They had burned his clothes. The foul... more
          • Stupid, dumb, and moronic.Accepted Sonja Meranes, Sun Sep 17 17:31
            Sonja’s amusement fell away, and she stared at the boy in utter shock. Her hand drifted to her cheek, and her brows fell sharply. Anger flooded her, and with it came saidar . She channeled, yanking... more
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