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Could We Maybe See the Big Men with Swords??
Sun Sep 3, 2006 09:58 (XFF:

"Oh very well," Dempsey said grumpily to the threat of being starved. He was tired of endlessly railing against the stubborn Tower-folk, and decided that he could perhaps simply enjoy his tour of the Tower. Besides, Dempsey reasoned, they have at least supplied me with a proper guide! He took a deep breath, and then said airily; "I will be cooperative then. I do not relish the idea of being deprived of food." Most of the rest of Soradrelle's speech was lost to him, so Dempsey just smiled girlishly and rocked back and forth upon his heels. "So where is it you shall be taking me- or rather, where will we be going?" Dempsey paused for a long moment, considering what to say. "I know I may have slighted you," Dempsey said, not feeling the smallest bit of remorse, "but perhaps you could take to the Training Grounds? I would so like to see the men with their great swords, fighting together." The very idea was delightful to the pudgy noble, and he smiled at Sora flirtatiously. Say what he would, the Accepted before him was still rather pretty.

His memory of the strange journey to the Tower became foggy as he confronted the idea of being stuck within this building for so long. Already Sonja, Madeline, and now Soradrelle were attempting to impress the gravity of where Dempsey was. And for the first time, as he stood there, it hit him. I am in the White Tower! he thought excitedly. Taking a deep breathe, a clear decision began to form in his mind; I can either return a failure to Cairhien a failure, or as an Aes Sedai! The House of Taborwin will be mine if I become Aes Sedai! Smiling slyly at his own cleverness, Dempsey fell silent and eagerly awaited Sora's response.

  • Special Education!Accepted Soradrelle, Thu Aug 31 13:16
    Soradrelle’s gaze hardened as Dempsey obviously ignored his words, and the fool’s laughter was the last straw. He would have preferred to be friends with his student, but his primary duty was to... more
    • Could We Maybe See the Big Men with Swords?? — Novice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Sun Sep 3 09:58
      • First to ServeAccepted Soradrelle, Sun Sep 3 10:24
        Soradrelle stared at the Novice for several moments. He could remember exactly one time when someone’s attitude had changed so quickly - that had been an equally spoiled girl who’s moods had changed... more
        • Slapped Shamelessly by Some Stupid Saldean!Novice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Sat Sep 9 07:48
          It grated Dempsey considerably to bow to passing Accepted, to stare at the novices with equality. He was tired however, and he was making no progress in his fight against the Tower's ridiculous... more
          • If your eye causes you to sin. . .Accepted Soradrelle, Tue Nov 14 18:36
            It was almost physically painful for Soradrelle to watch Dempsey taking the petitioner’s cloaks and coats - he was clearly not even trying to be humble, apparently preferring instead to be rude.... more
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