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Slapped Shamelessly by Some Stupid Saldean!
Sat Sep 9, 2006 07:48 (XFF:

It grated Dempsey considerably to bow to passing Accepted, to stare at the novices with equality. He was tired however, and he was making no progress in his fight against the Tower's ridiculous procedures. Besides, he definitely wanted to watch the Gaidin training, and was not about to blow his chance to do so. Already his mind was formulating plans of how to broach romantic topics with Soradrelle, and prepare him to be Dempsey's newest toy. He was unsure how yet, but he was sure that he wanted the blonde Tinker. Keeping these thoughts to himself, and wearing an unhappy and deeply vile expression, Dempsey followed Soradrelle into a large hall. "This is the petitioners Hall, where those requesting audience with the Aes Sedai, whether for advice or some other help, sometimes Healing, come to make their requests. In the old tongue, Aes Sedai means 'Servant of All,' and to serve these, to answer these petitions, to Heal the sick - these are our highest honors. Your task now, Novice, and for the next half hour, will be to humbly greet and welcome the petitioners, take their cloaks and coats and hang them on the wall. Do you understand?" the blonde Accepted said firmly.

Dempsey gaped at Sora for a moment, trying to truly comprehend what he was being asked to do. "You want me…me…to take peoples coats?" His mouth fell open, and he frowned confusedly for a moment. Taking a deep breath, he said; "Well if Aes Sedai means servant of all, I suppose I should get used to such menial - or rather important – labors." Dempsey glared at Sora as the short Cairhien went forward to begin this ridiculous chore. His sashay was intermittent, mixed with a plodding of pure outrage and angry glances back at Soradrelle. Each acerbic glance clearly conveyed a clear message; It is not too late to keep me from doing this, stop it, and you will not suffer the consequences! These looks went unnoticed however, and Dempsey soon was standing at the large doors to the Petitioner's Hall.

The first man Dempsey noticed coming towards him was a fat merchant, obviously an Illianer by his beard. "May I take your- err- coat sir? If that is what you wish to call that monstrosity, of course," Dempsey said faintly. The Illianer glared at him, but forced the large mass of fabric atop Dempsey's small form. Desperately steadying himself, Dempsey continued on gathering clothing, and hanging it on the long walls of the hall. He spared no rude comment, and more then a few people flatly refused to give him their coats. One particularly grumpy Saldean noble slapped him for saying her coat looked like a dead rat! My cousin will have her houses head on a platter! Dempsey though angrily, ignoring the fact he had no idea what house the woman belonged to, nor how a Cairhien noble would faze an Saldean noble in the least.

This went on for what, to Dempsey at least, felt like a great deal more then half an hour. At last, Soradrelle came forward and dragged Dempsey away from the endless array of coats and cloaks. The man did not look entirely pleased, but he seemed somewhat appeased. Dempsey weighed Sora's expression, trying to judge what Sora was thinking or feeling. Eventually, as he waited for Tinker to speak, his eyes wandered down the rest of the Accepted's body, looking shamelessly at every detail. Dempsey looked back up to find Soradrelle's expression somewhat hardened.

  • First to ServeAccepted Soradrelle, Sun Sep 3 10:24
    Soradrelle stared at the Novice for several moments. He could remember exactly one time when someone’s attitude had changed so quickly - that had been an equally spoiled girl who’s moods had changed... more
    • Slapped Shamelessly by Some Stupid Saldean! — Novice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Sat Sep 9 07:48
      • If your eye causes you to sin. . .Accepted Soradrelle, Tue Nov 14 18:36
        It was almost physically painful for Soradrelle to watch Dempsey taking the petitioner’s cloaks and coats - he was clearly not even trying to be humble, apparently preferring instead to be rude.... more
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