Stupid, dumb, and moronic.
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Sonja’s amusement fell away, and she stared at the boy in utter shock. Her hand drifted to her cheek, and her brows fell sharply. Anger flooded her, and with it came saidar. She channeled, yanking the stupid wretch off his feet and thrusting him up in the air. Another flow of Air cracked across his cheek, slap!

There. She had never slapped a novice before with the Power, and now she had. Sonja wasn’t sure how it could feel so good and so wrong at the same time.

Dempsey, meanwhile, squawked like a chicken with it’s head cut off, and his feet kicked windmills in the air. Sonja grunted with the effort—the boy was heavy!—but she held on tight. “Let me down,” he cried, pushing and wriggling against the hard weave of Air.

Sonja advanced, her green eyes snapping. Here she was, trying to teach this boy a lesson for his own good, and he dared lay his pudgy little hands on her!

Dempsey, for once, caught a clue. His pouty lip snapped shut, and his beady little eyes widened. “Please let me down,” he whimpered, dropping his blustering bravado. “Please?”

Sonja stepped closer and jabbed a finger into Dempsey’s gut, staring up at him. “I cannot believe how incredibly stupid you are!” she growled. “Haven’t you heard a bloody word I’ve said? Take a look around you, if you’re not blind! Look at where you are! Do you honestly think that your pathetic little House has any power in this place? Do you? And is this really how you think to represent it? Would your father or whoever really be proud of you for acting like this?”

With a gasp, she let the weave collapse, and Dempsey tumbled to the ground. He cried out, scrambling to his feet. Sonja advanced, and he fell back again, scuttling backwards to the wall.

“I’m gonna teach you a lesson, fishbrain,” Sonja snapped. “If that’s even possible, getting information through your thick skull.

“You don’t slap people who have power over you,” she said. “You don’t make stupid threats that you can’t carry out. You are not in control here. You have no power. Zero. None. You are pow-er-less. No one is afraid of you, or impressed by you, and the more you act like a whining toddler, the more you’ll be treated like one. The Aes Sedai will make your life a living hell, I promise you. You think I’m being mean? You think I’m being unfair? Believe me, this is nothing compared to what you’ve got coming if you keep up like this! Aes Sedai can make queens and kings shake in their boots, and you think a whiny fat nobleboy is going to make them worry for a minute? They’ll squash you like a bug under their thumbs!

“So even though you don’t deserve it, and I doubt that you’ll learn from it, I’m going to try and help make your life a little easier. You’re bloody lucky I’ve decided to try and help you out.”

“Now then. Madeline Sedai said I could ‘use my discretion’ in giving out penance, so here we go. If there was ever wished I’d learn sooner, it was when to keep quiet and sit on my hands when I had no control over a situation. I wasn’t even close to being the fool you are, so you better learn those lessons right quick.

“You think you’re too good to be a novice, so now you’ll be lower than even them. Your first week here in the Tower will be spent cleaning the novice quarters. They have to clean their rooms spotless every day—the floors need scrubbing, the walls washed, the sinks and privies scrubbed…linens washed, furniture polished and dusted…it’s surprising how long it takes for such a small space. I’ll let the novices know that those chores will be lifted for a day, and you’ll take over. You won’t have time for much else, I’m afraid—I don’t know how many you can get done in a day, but with the double rooms, there’s at least oh…thirty or forty occupied rooms needing cleaning. During these ten days, you’ll do as your told, even if it’s just another novice doing the telling. For now, you’re even lower than the lowest.

“Run along now,” she said, pointing to the door. “I’ll inform Madeline Sedai and the novices of your penance.”


Later, on the novice bulletin in the main courtyard, a note was tacked up, scrawled in big, blocky letters:

Attention all Novices:

This is Accepted Sonja.

For the next ten days, your chore of room cleaning is lifted. Novice Dempsey will be cleaning your rooms for you, because he thinks he’s too good to wear novice whites and thinks it’s okay to throw temper tantrums and slap people.

He is under orders to be good and keep out of the way. You’ll hardly even notice he’s there.

In the Light,
Accpeted Sonja Meranes

OOC: And here we have your penance!

Let’s get three good-sized posts—at least 750 words each, let’s say. Go ahead and move it to the SRP board if you want it to be for credit. If you want, you can open the string it to any novice or novices who want their rooms cleaned—you could get some fun interaction/involvement. You could even email the novices to invite people to join in, if you want.

Of course, you could use NPC’s, too. Dempsey will be cleaning rooms from dusk ‘till dawn, so novices will probably be in their rooms at various times throughout the day.

Feel free to expand on this as you like—you can open this up to other parts of Dempsey’s life as he goes through these ten days. As long as a majority of the string deals with being the novice’s maidservant.

And…that’s it. Have fun. Email me if you have questions! ;o)

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