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Seeing Through The Lie
Sun Sep 17, 2006 21:56 (XFF:

Just what was this young woman up to? Teli could not put her finger on it. It was almost as if the Novice wished that she was caught. One would not attempt to run away if they were planning on fabricating things to get them caught. Well…one normally wouldn't. No, that wasn't it. There was something else to this mystery. Teli was sure about one thing; this young woman was not a runaway. The young woman, Kareen, was obviously willing enough to explain herself, but it appeared that she only wanted Teli to know the truth behind her actions. Teli was willing to comply with the young woman's pleads, stressed in her voice as well as her body language.

Teli made a motion with her hand, to indicate that the young woman should start walking out of the stable. Before she said anything to the Novice, however, she looked over at the grooms.

"I will not be needing my horse readied, nor will I want to hear that any of you have been gossiping about what has just happened here." With that, she turned on her heel, and followed the young woman out of the stables. Teli put a hand on the young woman's shoulders. She spoke in somewhat hushed voice, so that no one could really hear them, unless they were right next to them,

"Why don't we talk about this somewhere else? Then you can tell me who sent you on this false pretense." Teli began leading her towards her quarters. It would be much more private there, and Teli would be able to put a ward around the room, so others wouldn't be able to hear their discussion. Whatever was bothering the young woman, she did not want others to hear her troubles. As for why she had chosen Teli to be privy to these things, Teli couldn't fathom.

They walked from that point in silence, saying nary a word. There really didn't seem to be any point. The young woman was getting what she wanted, and Teli would be getting what she wanted. That, or Kareen was too shocked by the turn of the events to do anything.

They reached Teli's quarters in a short enough of a time. She opened the door, and took Kareen to a seat, and indicated for her to take a seat, and went over to her desk to scribble out a short note for Blaesius, to let him know that she'd be busy for the time being. She stuck her head out of the door, and handed the note to another Novice to take it to him. With that finished, Teli took a seat across from the Novice, and placed her elbows on the armrest, steepling her fingers under her chin. For a moment, silence clung in the air, before Teli spoke, placing a ward around the room, so that no one would be able to overhear them.

"Now, what where those shenanigans for? I know that you weren't truly meaning to run away, though that's what I believed at first." Teli said this in a soft tone, not one that someone would use on someone that they meant to punish. No, at the moment, there was nothing to punish, at least, not yet. Punishment may come later, but it couldn't be further from her mind at this time. "Not only do I want to know that, I want to know why you chose me, out of so many other people that you could have chosen." With that, Teli sat back a bit, letting the Novice explain herself if she so wished.

OOC: I apologize so much for posting this so late. I promise to be much more prompt in the future.

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