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To Break a Block
Sun Sep 24, 2006 10:30 (XFF:

She could only imagine that this was how the then Accepted Menaihya must have felt when she had taught Calia to embrace the True Source as Jocelyn looked own with veiled superiority. The former sul'dam's blue gaze lit on the novice before here with a mixture of curiosity and nervousness. She waited for event eh faintest glowing nimbus to appear around Adanai, for that sense of another woman channeling she had first learned to identify with a damane to manifest. Yet, it never did, and as she waited she began to worry. What if she couldn't teach this; if she was a failure as a mentor and an Accepted? What if the only thing she was good at really was being a sul'dam, or an arrogant and stubborn novice? She was so absorbed in her worries that it took a few moments for her to realize Novice Adanai had opened her eyes. For a brief moment, Calia panicked, knowing the girl had yet to embrace. She recovered quickly, assuming a cool stare, "What's the problem?"

"I can't… I can't do it," the novice mumbled, obviously on the verge of tears. Calia, a woman of three and thirty years with virtually no maternal instinct, had no idea how to react to tears. Please don't let her start crying, she begged silently. "I can't picture the flower any longer." Oh, is that all? "It doesn't work. And I can't picture anything with you watching me."

"Well, you're going to have to get over that," Calia replied, speed of the response masking her worry, "You're not going to be able to spend your whole life asking people to turn around while you channel. Try it again." She could think of only two possibilities in this situation. The first was that the girl was simply nervous and her emotions were preventing her from surrendering to saidar and allowing it to fill her. The second was that the girl had developed a block as most born with the spark seemed to do. Calia much preferred the first possibility.

Adanai's eyes again closed, leaving Calia to her nervous watching and waiting. It was only a few minutes before she noticed the novice's eyes had opened again. With a sigh Calia realized that the girl almost certainly had a block. "I'm sorry… I'm sorry, Accepted Calia."

Calia squeezed her eyes shut at the novice's babbling apologies. "Stop apologizing and let me think," she finally snapped, irritation barely restrained and her tone a mix of the ruthless Talai and that which she once would have used with a disobedient damane. She recognized her slip immediately, taking a deep breath to calm herself but saying no more to the novice. Fingers rose to massage her temples as she thought, another minor quirk she had picked up from Talai in the Arches. How did she explain something like a block? She had only a basic understanding of them herself. Though, in retrospect she realized she had lived with a very strange one for almost all of her years in novice white, only shaking it off just before she was raised.

"I believe," Calia began, voice much calmer and cooler than before, "that you have developed what is known as a block. Marath'damane," Calia paused when she realized what she had just said, "I'm sorry," she apologized for the impolite slip, "I meant channelers who first touch the Source without guidance, as I suspect you must have, either die from it ore develop a block to control it. A block is, simply put, a protection mechanism. It will prevent a wilder, someone who has channeled outside the guidance of either Tower," though Calia had her opinions of those at the Black Tower which likely shouldn't be shared with a novice, "from channeling unless certain conditions are met. Some cannot channel unless there is a boy present, others can't channel if there is a boy nearby. One of the strongest Aes Sedai currently living is said to have had a block once that prevented her from channeling unless she was angry. The only way to break the block is to channel, knowingly or unknowingly, when these conditions are not met. Only one time, and the channeler who had the block will be able to channel at will." Calia smiled, almost mischievously. "We have to find a way to make that happen for you."

Calia had a fairly solid idea of what the child's block was, but only a vague idea of how to break it. "Unless I miss my guess, Adanai, your block makes it so that you can't channel if someone is making you nervous by watching you. I think I might have an idea of how to begin attempting to break it. Come with me." Flows of Air sent the cushions they had been sitting on back to the corner of the room before Calia led the way out the door and into the hall. They were on their way back to the Accepted decks, although toward the boys' rooms this time. Calia was acquainted, not very well mind, with a boy who possessed a Talent in Concealment that might be helpful, and she was hoping he would be willing to help.

Some minutes later, Calia knocked on the door of one of the Accepted rooms. It was opened quickly, but the smile on the face of the pale haired boy inside quickly turned suspicious. "Calia," the Accepted greeted warily, looking down so that his emerald eyes met her blue ones, "what a ple- uh… an unexpected surprise." Calia very nearly sighed. A visit from her was apparently not a pleasant surprise for anyone.

"I was wondering if you might help me with something, Will." She got right to the point. "May we come in?" He frowned, but nodded and stepped aside. "Will, this is Novice Adanai Kyann. Adanai, this is Accepted Will Turner."

"A pleasure to meet you," He addressed the novice with a noble's perfect manners. Adanai dropped a curtsey and murmured something similar.

"Will, Adanai here seems to have a block. She gets nervous and can't channel when I'm watching, but I believe you might have a Talent," she placed unusual stress on the word, "which might help solve this problem."

Will's eyebrows rose, obviously not accustomed to an Accepted such as Calia coming to him for help. Or perhaps it was simply because it was Calia coming to him for help. "I believe I understand what you mean, Calia. I'll help, but if this works I expect that Madeline Sedai will know that I aided you in breaking this block."

Calia nodded sharply, "Of course. We're going to go out in the hall," She was now addressing Adanai, "You stay here and just relax and try to embrace. We'll be back soon." Once they were in the hall, Will looked at Calia, apparently waiting for the rest of her idea. "Can you weave Concealment across your door so we can see her but she can't see us?"

"Yes, but the only way you can see through it is if we link. Otherwise, due to the nature of the Concealment weave, I'm the only one who will be able to see what's behind it." Will stated matter-of-factly. Calia frowned. She had never linked before, and she didn't relish the idea of having to link with a man, but if it was the only way.

"Alright, if it's the only way. Just tell me what to do." Will nodded and in only a few minutes they both stood watching a totally unaware novice trying to embrace.

OOC: Alright, so the basic idea is that Adanai thinks she is all alone, but Will and Calia are quietly watching. You get to decide if this works. If Adanai embraces and her block is broken then Calia and Will will reveal themselves and Calia will continue the lesson. If she still can't, Calia will have Will drop the weave in a little while and try to think of something different.

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