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Futile Protests
Wed Oct 18, 2006 07:32 (XFF:

Madeline was, as usual, in her office, doing the Creator only knew what. Sonja could not imagine why any woman would want to hole herself up in the same room for so long with so much bloody paperwork. She had no idea how long Madeline al’Roise had held the position of Mistress of Novices, but it was a sight longer than anyone else had held it. The baffling thing of it was, the bloody woman seemed to enjoy it! The only explanation that Sonja could figure was that the woman had a streak of sadism in her as wide as the River Erenin. Or was it masochism?


The silver-haired woman looked up as Sonja burst into the room, pale blue eyes mild and curious. “Yes, Accepted? What is it?”

Sonja squared her shoulders and put her hands to her hips. “She’s only nine years old, Madeline Sedai. Nine! She’s a child!” Okay, so maybe that didn’t make so much sense—all novices were children, in the figurative sense of the word, but surely Madeline would get her point.

Madeline arched a brow, and set her quill aside. “You are referring to the novice that I assigned to you?”

“That’s right! The infant novice who shouldn’t be out of her mother’s arms! The crying babe who burst into tears the moment her home was mentioned!”

“The novice with whom you are scheduled to be with right at this moment?”

Sonja spluttered, then snapped he mouth shut. Her green eyes stared accusingly at Madeline, but for the moment, she was at a loss for words.

“Where is novice Ryell, if you’re not with her?” Madeline queried.

“In the gardens, where I left her,” Sonja mumbled.

“You left her in the middle of a lesson?”

Sonja shifted uncertainly. “I told her to stay put.” Her eyes flared with renewed fire. “I was just so shocked when she said she was only nine. Nine, Madeline Sedai! I’ve never heard of taking a girl so young! The youngest I’ve ever seen was, like, eleven!”

Madeline leaned back in her chair, looking bemused. “And you are concerned for her? Now why would that be?”

Sonja threw up her hands. “I’m not concerned! It’s just…because…well…it’s just not right! She doesn’t know up from down at this age—she’s just a child! She’ll be eaten alive here!”

“Ah. So you are concerned. And here I thought you didn’t care a whit for novices.”

“I don’t!”

“Then, my dear, your logic escapes me.”

“Who ever said anything about logic? That girl needs to be sent home. She can always come back in a couple years, when she’s ready. It’s just…not fair, that’s all!”

The ire in her voice was fading as she saw what Madeline was getting at. The bloody woman always twisted things somehow.

“Sonja,” Madeline said, clasping her hands in front of her. “Ryell has the spark. She is young, yes, but nine is not unheard of. Most young woman have their first touching at puberty, and in some girls, that can come very early. Nine certainly is unusual, but it is not impossible. She is close enough to her first touching that to send her away would be dangerous. She needs guidance, and you, Sonja, are the one to guide her. Which you should be doing right this minute, rather than harassing me about it.”


“I suggest you get back to your student before she wanders off and gets in trouble.”


“Before you get in trouble for leaving your novice\ unattended.”

Sonja heaved a sigh. “Fine!” she snapped. “But don’t blame me if this girl suffers some sort of nervous breakdown.”

“She is in perfectly capable hands,” Maddy said, smiling. “Now, off with you.”


Sonja made her way back to the gardens with due haste, but when she returned, her novice was gone. A scattering of sunflower petals carpeted the ground, but the girl was no where to be seen.

“Bloody wonderful,” Sonja growled.

Bells tolled overhead, and the Accepted jumped. Blood and Ashes, how did it get so late? If she didn’t hurry, she’d be late for her stupid meeting with bloody Benna Sedai.

This day was not looking up in the least.

  • Babes amongst SunflowersAccepted Sonja Meranes, Sun Sep 24 08:48
    Novice Ryell Riddell. Madeline’s script was elegant and flowing, as if the slip of paper were an invitation to a prestigious dinner party rather than just the name of a novice Sonja was supposed to... more
    • Futile Protests — Accepted Sonja Meranes, Wed Oct 18 07:32
      • Right or WrongMahon Sedai, White Ajah (NPC), Sat Nov 11 17:55
        The day was not looking up in the least. Mahon wasn't necessarily the biggest fan of Madeline Sedai; the woman was ruled by her passions, by emotions and this was completely and totally illogical.... more
        • Blerg. Thinking.Accepted Sonja Meranes, Sat Nov 11 18:26
          Sonja heaved a sigh, leaning forward to sink her head in her hands. This was a day that would never end. It would just go on and on, growing perpetually more horrible and impossible, culminating in... more
          • Are you a woman or gnat?Mahon Sedai, White Ajah (NPC), Sat Nov 11 19:05
            "Don't be an idiot." Mahon snapped at her, his patience wearing thin. "You can most certainly be wrong if decide to take the lazy way out and give such a half-thought answer." Indignation warred with ... more
            • Let's not be nasty, now.Accepted Sonja Meranes, Sun Nov 12 07:53
              Sonja felt heat rise to her cheeks, and she had to dig her nails into her palm to stop from letting that heat come to full boil. She was using her brain, burn the man! How dare he call her an idiot!... more
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