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To the Tower
Sat Oct 21, 2006 15:57 (XFF:

Khaji sighed, looking at the paper in front of her. She was supposed to write her biography, her background, her life as she saw it. She was beyond that now. She rubbed her left upper thigh, the old injury aching in remembrance of a night long ago. She was at the Tower and slowly learning that the Aes Sedai were not as bad as the White Cloaks made them out to be. She wasn’t quite convinced they were good, but they weren’t darkfriends. What am I suppose to do? She scribbled a drawing of the White Tower, pondering where to start.

"I guess I could start with my earliest memory." and that was. . She rolled her eyes at herself. "This can't be that hard. You've read biographies before. One day I could be well known. All the nobles would know my name and people would bow before me" she laughed at the thought and scribbled another drawing on the paper in front of her. What about the library at Amador when I was five? The tottering old man, who supposedly was the librarian, kept jabbering on about the king and some white clocks. Sounds more like the beginning of a joke than a story. She shook her head, ignoring the idea. The easiest thing to do was just start from the beginning. So the beginning it was.

In Amador . . . .

On a peaceful winter night, Khaji was born. Elsine lay in the back of her wagon panting and groaning in pain. Her midwife was kneeling next to her, instructing her. Elsine wanted to rip the woman’s head off. The pain was excruciating. She groaned again, and then pushed willing the child from her body. She wanted it out. She screamed against and threw a pillow at the midwife, finally pushing the child out with the last of her strength. This was the worst day of her life, the day that darkfriend’s child was born. She couldn’t believe what she did those many moons ago. Since that night the man had been arrested for dealing with Aes Sedai. Yet, she still had to live with the abominable child. She looked down at the black eyes of the child, tears touching her cheek.

“My sister. . . Sua. . . the child. . . .” Elsine gasped out before she passed out on the silks, letting the midwife deal with the child. She’d never have to see the child again. She was grateful, and knew her sister would take care of the thing. She was not made for motherhood. Children were just a nuisance and always underfoot.

The midwife frowned at Elsine, and looked over at the child. It’s not your fault little one.

A knock sounded at the door. Sua glanced over at Ludin, wondering who would be visiting at this hour. She shrugged and went to answer the door. Ludin continued to entertain Khaji on his knee. The child smiled with glee, and gurgled with happiness. Ludin laughed, dipping Khaji back and making her gleeful again. He finally stood up, wondering what was taking Sua so long at the door. He set Khaji down on the floor and went to find out. He soon heard angry female voices. He picked up his pace and found his wife and sister-in-law shouting at one another. He sighed. He didn’t like Elsine at all.

“That’s it.” Ludin’s deep baritone voice broke into the fight. “Elsine I don’t know what you are doing here, nor do I care. It’s the middle of the night.” Ludin folded his arms under his chest, glaring his sister in law. “Explain yourself.”

Elsine stepped towards Ludin. “I want the child.” Ludin’s mouth dropped.

“Blood and ashes woman! You expect us to just leave the child in your cold hands. You gave her up, she’s ours now.” He laughed. “You’d have to take her over my dead body.” It was Elsine’s turn to look shocked. She looked over at her sister and then back at Ludin. “Be gone.”

“I’ll be back Ludin. You can’t keep the child from me.”

“And why not? You aren’t a mother.”

“She is still my child, and she should learn my business. I’ll be back when she is old enough.” Ludin just glared at her until she turned and left. He couldn’t argue that Khaji needed to learn a trade. Elsine’s business was thriving and Khaji could learn a lot. He turned from Sua and went back to Khaji. He picked up the now sleeping child and put it in the crib.

“I’ll let you decide when you are old enough.” He sighed. Sua stood next to him.

“Don’t let her get to you. She knows business.” Ludin nodded and hugged his wife.

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