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Part 3
Sat Oct 21, 2006 16:01 (XFF:

“What’s a young girl like you crying for?” Khaji sniffled and looked up at the voice. A handsome man in a beautiful cloak knelt before her. She sniffed again, shaking her head to scared to talk. “There, there. No need for tears.” He wiped them away with his finger. She flinched a little, and he frowned. “Now I’m not going to hurt you.” She looked into his eyes and a shaky smile spread across her face. She had seen those black eyes before. “That’s better, now let get you cleaned up and some food into that grumbling stomach.” Again, Khaji just nodded in awe of the man in front of her.

He offered his hand to her and she accepted it. He helped her up and led her to an inn nearby. She followed, knowing that she wouldn’t have to return to her mother just yet. He smiled down at her and she smiled hesitantly back. He led her to his room and set her on the bed.

“Now, are you hurt anywhere?” She shook her head. She managed to barely squeak by the horses, but she was unhurt. She was tired and worn out. “Good, but just in case I want someone to look at you. Are you ok with that?”

“Wh. . Who?” She finally spoke to him.

“It’s my sister.” She nodded approval and he instructed her to wait here. She did. While she waited she looked around the room. It was barely lived in; most likely they just arrived here. There were a couple beds on the floor. It must be more than just him and his sister. She didn’t have too long to ponder. He soon returned with his sister. She was just beautiful. Long brown hair flowed below a thin waist. Similar black eyes looked over at her. Again, the same familiar feeling swept over her. She was positive, however, that she’d never met them before. She shook it off and smiled.

“Ah, so you are the little girl Gyn found.” She smiled, very similar to her brother. “I am Marial, and as stated before, Gyn is my twin brother.” Khaji nodded, figuring that one out. Marial smiled over at Gyn, nodding. Khaji didn’t miss this interaction, noting as if something unspoken went between them. Marial stepped closer and sat next to Khaji.

“How old are you sweetling?”


“You are a very big girl. Do you mind if I check you out?” Khaji shook her head. What happened next was like something Khaji could never describe. The woman placed her hands on her and shivers went up and down her spine. She couldn’t have explained it.

Marial smiled, motioning Gyn into the hallway. He followed. Khaji looked around, getting more and more uncomfortable staying her. She didn’t know theses people, albeit they had treated her better than her mother. Strange things just kept happening around them. They looks familiar and the tingling sensation when Marial touched her it was like she was an Aes Sedai.

“Oh no.” Khaji whispered, finally putting the pieces together. “I have to get out of here.” She looked to the window. Second floor, it wouldn’t be too bad to jump. She crept to the door. Good, they are still talking. The window was a couple feet a way. She tiptoed to it, opening the window slowly. Please don’t squeak, please please. She stopped midway to breathe in deeply and relieve a bit of tension in her body. She stopped when she heard the doorknob. Blood and ashes. She squeezed out the half open window and crawled onto the ledge. She scuttled around the corner. Her breathing was now fast and her heartbeat irregular. She hoped that they wouldn’t find her. She looked down at the street. She bit her lip. She saw her mother’s cart in the distance. I only have to make it there. She looked down. Just jump.

Khaji jumped. Intense pain shot up her leg as she landed. She took another deep breath and swallowed the pain. She ran as fast as she could towards her mother’s cart. She knew not why she ran to her mother; she just knew she had to get away from the Aes Sedai.

“Wait!” she heard Gyn’s voice behind her. She picked up the pace, dodging carts and horses. Finally she saw her mother’s cart. She sprinted the last of the leg and jumped in the cart. She screamed once she was in, pain seething through every bone. Her mother looked back at Khaji, then from where she came from. Elsine gasped, seeing Gyn. She whipped the horse forward, onto their next destination away from the steel black eyes of the Warder.

“Mom!” Khaji rushed into the house, her check still stinging from the man. She hurried up to her mother’s room and slid to the bedside.

“I have to leave. The inn. . caught fire. . and me. . and” she hurried rushed out some semblance of a story between breathes. Her mother coughed as Khaji finished the story.

“I knew this day would come.” Khaji raised an eyebrow in question. “You see. . . .” He mom paused. “Your father’s family was gifted.”

“But. . .” Khaji couldn’t believe her ears. Gifted?

“No buts. . just go. . Tower. .” Her mom broke into a horrible coughing fit. Khaji wiped a tear from her face. As much as she had hated her mother when she was younger, she had grown to like the woman. She could never consider the woman her mom they way she thought of Sua, but Elsine had certainly changed since she met Gyn and Marial. She hurriedly grabbed what meager belongings she head and left. She paused briefly at the door, looking back into the house. Another chapter of my life begins.

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