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Finally, Madeline Sedai's office (attn. MoN)
Sat Oct 21, 2006 16:27 (XFF:

Tar Valon at last. She saw the shining walls of the White Tower in the distance as she walked across the foot bridge. She took a deep breath. Do I go? Or find an inn? She looked up at the sun, it was high in the sky. She still had plenty of day left. Another sigh escaped her lips; she knew what she had to do. She had to go to the Tower. If she didn’t go now, she was sure she’d spend weeks getting up the courage to go. And in those weeks, she knew an Aes Sedai would find her and sweep her up scolding her about her lack of conviction or some such. Somehow, she had a feeling that if she didn’t go now, that it’d be worse.

She pulled her horse along behind her. The poor animal looked badly in need of food. His ribs were showing and his head hung low. She rubbed his nose. “This is the end my friend. I’m sure they will take you away from me and let you run in the pastures. You can get fat and frolic with the ladies.” He nudged her softly. She smiled. “You old bugger, you wouldn’t miss me one bit.” He nickered, as if laughing. She shook her head and continued her course towards the tower.

The streets were packed with merchants and travelers. She smiled wearily at a few, but her eyes never left the Tower. She looked down at her dust filled clothes. She knew she looked horrible. Perhaps stopping to change won’t be so bad. She looked thoughtfully around the market. She found an inn, but stopped before heading that direction.

“No you don’t. You stop to change, then you have food, then you eventually stay the night. You need to find out.” She snorted and turned her head back to the Tower. “That is where you are going.” Another nudge from her horse, told her that he didn’t like standing in the busy street. She told her self this was best. She trudged on. Her boots felt heavier and heavier with each step. This was the last place she wanted to be.

Finally before the gates of the Tower she stopped. The guards stared at her. She was sure they’d seen many admirers and reluctant people enter. She looked over at one. He smiled and nodded her in. She lowered her eyes and stepped foreword.

“Just ask the stable hands where to go. If you get lost, anyone in white will help you.” She nodded and briskly walked past him. She found the stables easily. Handing the reins to a stable hand, she patted her horse once more.

“Take care of him.” She paused. “He likes the mares, so keep your eyes on him.”

“Going to be a Novice then?” She nodded.

“Going to see.” He nodded and took her horse deeper into the stable. “Just head towards the large doors. Ask someone in white for the Mistress of Novices.” He shouted the last over his shoulder.

She swallowed the lump in her throat as she turned back to the intimidating white walls. Courage love. She made it easily to the Tower. Passing the doors was a little harder.

“You can’t make a petition if you don’t enter.” She heard a voice speak to her. She turned around. A young female in white stood behind her, carrying loads of books. “Plus, you are blocking the entrance.”

“Uhm. . . Well. . I need . . “ She paused. What did the stable hand say again? “Mistress Novice?” The girl laughed, almost losing her pile of books.

“Oh dear me. That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve heard.” She paused to catch her breath. “You want the Mistress of Novices. Not Mistress Novice.” Another giggle. “Madeline Sedai’s office is down the second hallway on you’re right.” The girl brushed past her and continued laughing. How rude. Khaji stared after her puzzled, trying to figure out what she said was funny.

Now or never she walked with determination to the Mistress of Novices office. She knocked politely on the door and waited for a response. Finally, Madeline Sedai's office.

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