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Novice Khaji
Just one wish
Sun Oct 22, 2006 18:24 (XFF:

Khaji followed the young girl into the inner office. She didn’t know what she should expect. She at least wasn’t expecting a young woman, by appearance in her thirties, but with silvering streaks in her auburn hair. She had expected an elder woman, like back at the inn. Yet, a young woman sat in front of her, a smooth young face, making her look younger still. Khaji couldn’t imagine an Aes Sedai allowing a twenty year old in charge of young children, that’s why she judged the woman in her thirties. Yet, even still the eyes stared back at her with so many years of experience someone in their thirties wouldn’t have. Khaji tried to smile back at the woman, but only managed a shaky upturn of her lips.

“Welcome to the White Tower, child,” Child! I’m no longer a child. Some of the girl I passed I the hallway were younger than me. They were children.She didn’t speak out however, her heart beating her fear all too loudly. She was in the presence of a someone powerful, she knew that much. Many years of indoctrination, had her shaking slightly, fearing the woman would call down the Dark One on her.

“I am Madeline al’Roise, of the Green Ajah,” the woman said. “I’m the Mistress of Novices for the White Tower, which means I’m in charge of training all of our initiates, both novice and Accepted. Why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself, and what brought you here this day? I’d like to know if you’ve any experience in channeling, and what, if anything, you know about the One Power.” Khaji watched at Madeline prepared a pen. She is going to write this down? She’ll probably have me sign my soul away. She whimpered alightly, trying to swallow the ever growing lump in her throat. I’m in for it. She’ll not believe me and then my life is forfeit.

Khaji wrung her hands together for a moment. “I’m Khaji Nagora.” A deep breath. “I grew up in Amador. My mother was a cloth merchant there. We traveled around mostly.” She paused. Nothing had happened yet. Surely the woman would turn on her any second. Yet, she continued to smile, listening to what Khaji told her. She found herself relaxing a little, but certainly not going to tell her all her secrets. She did however explain her childhood, her experiences, her aunt and uncle, and her mother. She explained she could read and write because her mother taught her. “I was suppose to take over the business.

“Except, my mother fell ill when I was ten. She sold the business to her sister. We stayed in Sienda.” She paused then, situating in her seat, her left leg sent a sharp pain up her body. She forgot that she’d been in the saddle so long without stretching out the leg. Madeline Sedai partially stood up, concern on her face. Khaji waved her aside. “It’s an old injury. The riding flared it a bit, it’ll calm down in a second.” Madeline Sedai frowned. The woman wasn’t satisfied with the answer. Khaji weakly smiled. “I jumped out of a window when I was eight. It never healed properly.”

“We have Healers who can look into it.” Khaji shook her head.

“I’ve lived with it this long. I’ve learned to compensate for it. If I change now, I’ll have to readjust.” Madeline nodded her head, waving her hand for Khaji to continue the story. Khaji finished her life background with no further flare ups. “So, my mother sent me here on her death bed. She said my father’s family was gifted and that I should be tested. She knew she was dying and could no longer look after me. It honestly would be the last place she would want me if it weren’t for the fire at the inn.” Khaji frowned and reflexively touched her cheek. And it’s the last place I want to be. Please say I’m not gifted. Let me work in the inns.

The Aes Sedai nodded, thinking over the story. Khaji took the moment to glance around the room. It was finely furnished, with only a little bit of personal flare. There was paperwork everywhere. Books adorned one wall and files on the other. She raised her eyes up at Madeline for the first time that meeting. Pitch black eyes caught the light just right to bring out the hint of blue in them as they finally met Madeline’s blue eyes. She quickly lowered thick lashes and took another deep breath to control the shake that threatened to take over her body. I’m going to die.

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