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Everything you ever wanted to know about novice life
Wed Oct 25, 2006 13:10 (XFF:

Madeline nodded, making a few notes on the page. “An interesting tale.” She looked up, and smiled. “Relax, child. All will be well.” Khaji’s words were steady enough; she spoke simply and clearly, but there was a definite tension in the way she held herself. Towards the end she seemed to shrink inwards, as if cringing away from a dog with sharp teeth. And little surprise, if she was raised in Amador.

“I do sense a spark within you, and I suspect you may have already had your first touching. If not, you’re very close to it.” A flash of…something…crossed the girl’s eyes. “You’ll learn more about that later, if you don’t know what I mean,” she explained.

“Now that you’ve told me a little something of yourself,” she continued, flipping the novice book shut. “You’re probably wondering what will happen next. You will be a novice, where all who train within the Tower begin. Most spend several years in novice whites, learning the very basic elements of saidar, gaining control over their gift. Novices are considered the ‘children’ of the Tower, for they know too little to be trusted with the One Power and must be guided step by step. Your days will be heavily structured, filled with lessons and chores, and you will be held to a very high standard of decorum and respect.”

Reaching behind her, she plucked a slender volume from the bookshelf. The leather was soft, and the title was inscribed on the front in silver thread: ‘Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines for the Novice. ’ “Read that book, child, and you’ll learn exactly what sort of expectations we hold for our novices. For now, here are the most important things you need to know. First, never channel without direct supervision of a full Sister or Accepted. Second—superiors are to be treated with utmost respect—if you don’t know how to curtsy, you will quickly learn. And third—always keep your room and your person neat and presentable.

“Keep these things in mind, and everything else will fall into place. Hopefully.” She smiled, briefly.

“Eventually, if you are strong enough, work hard, and show enough development and maturity of character, you may move onto the next level of training. There is a Test, like no Test you’ve ever taken, and those who pass are ‘sealed to the Tower’, and known as Accepted. As a novice, you will give Accepted the respect they are due—you’ll know them by the ring on their left hands, and the bands on their hems. Very few novices ever reach this point, but you just might if you have the determination for it. It is at this point that training truly begins. Accepted choose their own studies, and are accorded a great deal more freedom. A select few move onto the final step—the Testing for the shawl…or sash, for men.

“It’s a long process, one that takes many long years, Khaji, but don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed. Begin at the beginning, and take it from there. Today will be a free day for you, to get a bearing on your surroundings. You will be assigned a mentor—most likely an Accepted—who will come to you later today or tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll have a novice sent for to show you to your new room and help you get fitted for novice whites. Your old clothing will be burned of course, as a symbol of your new life. Any coin or precious belongings will be held for you until you need them again. Tomorrow, your training will begin. A schedule of chores will be passed onto you this evening, and eventually, you’ll be meeting with your mentor. Before you can begin learning how to wield the Power, you need to learn how to touch it. This can take a while for some, but be patient. It will come to you.

“There is really so much for you to learn, and I could go on all day filling your ears. Your mentor will tell you more about what life is like for a novice, and that book there will also help. Always remember that I am here to guide you through your training. Remember also that if you run into trouble, we are here to see that you are set back on the correct path.”

Her blue eyes hardened on that last, giving warning that Khaji might not want to be ‘set on the correct path,’ yet her tone remained pleasant enough.

“Do you have questions, child? Anything you are curious about, and would like to know? Anything that I have said that makes no sense to you? Ask, child, ask. If not, I’ll send for a novice to help you get settled in.”

OOC: Okay, so you are welcome to ask questions—just keep in mind I’ll be out of town until Tuesday and won’t be able to answer until then. Otherwise, you can make up an NPC novice to show you to your room and help you get fitted for novice whites—or you can put “Attn: any novice” in your subject and see if someone wants to write with you. Or you can just skip that and jump right to the mentor string. Or you can do both at once. *lol* So many options! Taryn has already emailed you about your mentor string so you can start with her whenever you like. Hope you have fun!

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