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A Flurry of Events
Wed Oct 25, 2006 19:37 (XFF:

“Do you have questions, child? Anything you are curious about, and would like to know? Anything that I have said that makes no sense to you? Ask, child, ask. If not, I’ll send for a novice to help you get settled in.”

Khaji looked down at the leather bound book in her lap. Everything had been almost thrown at her; her last hopes of escaping were gone. “What about my horse?”

“You’re horse will be taken care of, you will not have the time to ride him, but we have plenty of groomsman to take care of him. It is possible you can ride him as an Accepted, but not likely.” Khaji nodded. She picked through her brain as to what to ask.

“What if I . . .” She paused not sure she wanted an answer to the question. “No, I think that’s it Aes Sedai.” She dipped her head in respect. “I will do my best.” She would do her best, even with as much as she didn’t want to be here. She liked learning and she was sure somewhere deep inside this could be fun. Madeline nodded and wrote on a piece of paper.

“When you get into the anterior room, give this to the novice there. She’ll send for a Novice to show you around. Good luck dear and may the light bless you.” She waved her hand in dismissal. Khaji left the room and handed the note to the novice. She nodded and went to her books. She flipped through a few pages and nodded.

“It will be just a second.” She ran out into the hallway. Khaji sat down in a chair and waited. She didn’t know what the day had in store for her. She had to be fitted to new clothes and burn her old ones. Good ridden, they are just holes and tatters. she pondered what her mentor would be like. Madeline had not said too much, but she had all afternoon to guess. It wasn’t too much longer that Madeline’s assistant returned with another Novice.

“This is Novice Jakoly. She’ll show you where you need to go. Have a good day.” Khaji smiled at Jakoly and followed the girl out the door.

“I am to show you around. Lucky you I got out of dishes to show you around. I hate dishes, so I am in a much better mood. This tower can be hard to get to know. I am sure you will get lost many times. Just remember, don’t be late.” Khaji nodded.

“Now, just off Madeline Sedai’s office is the Novice wing. This is where you will have lessons and meetings. Not much farther is the dorms.” She paused. Khaji felt a tingle across her skin and she shivered. “Another good note, no channeling without permission.” Jakoly frowned slightly. “I got caught once. Believe me I couldn’t sit for a week.” She rubbed her backside a moment. “Take note about that. They do not take punishments lightly.” I’ve been there.

“Here we are Khaji, just at the end of the dormitory.” Jakoly opened her door. “I say you could leave your things here, but alas you can’t keep them.” Jakoly paused. “I’ll bring you back here once we are done. You’ll be full of white dresses and anything else you’ll need to fill your closet.” Jakoly turned on her heel and left the room. Khaji closed the door behind her and followed quickly after.

“You’ll find that that hallway leads to the Aes Sedai’s quarters. You’ll be taking those ones quite a lot, especially for the Browns. They love Novices.” Jakoly continued to talk as they walked, discussing this hallway or that statue or that specific door. It really was a whirl-wind tour. They eventually made it to where they were going. Jakoly pushed her into the room. A large woman bustled up to her and grabbed her pushing her onto a pedestal. She pulled out a measuring tape and quickly gathered Khaji’s measurements.

“Skinny. She should see the cook. She needs a bit more meat on the bones.” The woman laughed and basically threw her back to Jakoly. “I’ll have her size out by the time you are done.” Jakoly nodded and pulled Khaji along. Khaji’s head hurt with as much as she was being pushed and pulled.

“Next place we burn those icky rags of yours.”

Khaji was hustled through yet another doorway. Being instructed to remove her clothes she did and handed to the woman. They threw those into the fire. She watched them burn for a moment, then went through her saddle bags. She kept out a couple of her books, and jewelry. She didn’t have much of value. She took off her necklace, on her Uncle had sent her for one of her naming days. That was all she owned. She sighed, it wasn’t much. She knew if she ever wanted fabulous silks and cloth to make new clothing she could get them from her Aunt. It was still technically her business, but her aunt owned it. She handed that over in a bag. It was labeled and set aside. Jakoly returned with a stack of whites. Khaji blinked, not having seen her leave.

“Here you go. Fresh Novice White.” Jakoly smiled. Khaji took the top one and dressed. She took the stack from Jakoly.

“My room?” Khaji was definitely lost again. Jakoly smiled and motioned her to follow.

“You’ll eventually get the hang of it.” They made it back to her room with ease. “Now the midday meal bell should be ringing anytime soon.” She paused. “You will live by those bells and you will probably die by them. Mark them well and know them well.” Khaji nodded. She managed to hang her dresses and fold her undergarment into her drawers. She took a deep breath and plopped on her bed. She thumbed absently through the guidebook.

An abrupt knock sounded at her door. Khaji nearly jumped out of her skin. I don’t like the sound of this. She frowned getting up to answer it. Sure enough, an Accepted stood frowning back at her. The white dress with the bands at the bottom declared Khaji should curtsy. She did quickly and awkwardly. As she came up she glanced at the woman’s left hand. The Great Serpent Ring was there to say she was bonded to the Tower. She waited for the woman to speak.

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