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A Friendly Welcome (Attn: Zahava!)
Fri Nov 10, 2006 14:54 (XFF:

Samiya fiddled with the veil that covered her mouth as she walked through the halls of the White Tower in thought. It was a terrible habit; one that she had still to grow out of in her seven and twenty years of life. The reason she played with the transparent material now was for more of a nervous reason, rather than just having idle hands. She had been asked to take a new Novice around the White Tower, and to teach her all about life here. Samiya was not nervous because she didn't know the White Tower; she had been there for the last fourteen years of her life, but rather, she had never been that good with teaching. It's not that she didn't like teaching; she just couldn't seem to make things make sense to others, even though they made perfect sense to her.

Letting her hand fall to her side, her fingers left the temptation of the veil that covered her full, pouty lips, and became occupied with pulling at an unseen, stray strand on the hem of the sleeve. Light but she was nervous. She may not have seemed like it to anyone that approached her, but she knew that she was. It was not a good feeling, especially since she had a very important task ahead of her. She would never forgive herself if she let down Madeline Sedai by neglecting to teach something to this Novice.

Her hand came up near her veil again, but instead of her fingers resuming their former ministrations, they pushed a few of the hundreds of shoulder-length braids of her dirty blonde hair over her shoulder. Letting her hand drop once more, she continued on the way towards her charge.

The young woman's name was Zahava and she was a Saldaean, but that was where the Taraboner's knowledge of the young woman ended. She guessed that it was her task to not only aid this young woman in her transition from her home to the White Tower, but also to become a mentor; possibly a friend.

Samiya finally spotted a Novice that looked like the young woman that had been described to her with her brown eyes. They were both near the Main Entrance of the White Tower, which had been as good of a place as any to meet up for the first time. She made her way towards her, looking her full height of 5'6", or maybe a bit more by her upright stature. It would make it even harder for her if the young woman was taller than she.

"You must be Zahava Roane Noreed. My name is Accepted Samiya Adin, and I was asked by Madeline Sedai to help you get settled here in the White Tower." She said this in a friendly manner, and the movements of her mouth obscured by the veil, even though it puffed out slightly with ever outtake of breath. "Why don't we begin with you telling me a little about yourself, and any initial questions that you may have?" Samiya resisted the urge to play with the veil as she waited for the young woman to answer, and instead occupied her fingers with that annoying, loose string in her sleeve, slightly enough that the young woman would not notice.

    • Feeling like the proverbial sore thumbNovice Zahava Noreed, Fri Nov 10 20:25
      I can do this. I can do this. I can and bloody well will do this. The mantra ran circles in around Zahava's mind, making her a tad lightheaded. Her stomach trembled like an Amadician on her wedding... more
      • ExplinationsAccepted Samiya Adin, Sun Jan 21 14:04
        Samiya could not say that she wasn't surprised by the young woman's question. Her brown eyes widened slightly as she considered the question. She couldn't even reason out why one would think that... more
        • Blaze of lightZahava Noreed, Novice, Mon Jan 22 17:59
          The look that Samiya gave her question made Zahava's eyes narrow slightly. Was the Accepted going to laugh at her? She felt the familiar spark ignite within her that said her temper was ready to be... more
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