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Feeling like the proverbial sore thumb
Fri Nov 10, 2006 20:25 (XFF:

I can do this. I can do this. I can and bloody well will do this.

The mantra ran circles in around Zahava's mind, making her a tad lightheaded. Her stomach trembled like an Amadician on her wedding night, but she refused to let her nervousness show in her face. Light knew the Aes Sedai might take her in, keep her from killing herself, actually mold her into a woman the likes of which she'd never imagined becoming. And in the process, they would break her down, destroy her ego and make her cry. Or so Denaria Pevan, the Red sister who'd found in Saldaea, had told her on their journey to Tar Valon. "The life of a White Tower initiate is not one of pampered ease, child," the Aes Sedai had lectured time and again. "Get used to it now, because you'll have plenty to cry about later."

The mere thought that she might be found crying in front of anyone was enough to make her stand up straighter and put a little fire back in her tilted eyes. Zahava might be a lot of things, but proud certainly trumped everything else. Since she could not talk her way out of novicedom, she'd vowed to herself that she would become an Aes Sedai and would not break in the process. It'd be hard, maybe even impossible, but burn it all to ashes if she wouldn't try!

After having met Madeline Sedai the previous evening upon her arrival, Zahava suspected her plan would be harder to accomplish than she'd originally thought. Not that she'd been fool enough to think she could bend an Aes Sedai to her will. Light knew that the few days she's spent in the company of Denaria had put that thought right out of her head. But while Madeline seemed approachable and kindly, she also gave Zahava the impression that she would as easily switch a Novice until Tarmon Gaidon as she would give one a shoulder to cry upon. The Saldaean suspected there would be many battles fought along that front, which meant she would have to pick those fights very carefully.

Which was why she had her temper in firm grasp this morning, even though she wanted to bite the head off of nearly everyone who jostled up against her. She stood near main entryway into the Tower, waiting for someone Madeline Sedai was sending, and feeling like a farmgirl at a ball. She hated being new, not having a place carved out for herself yet. And while the other girls in white weren't exactly pointing at her, enough of them could just tell she was a neophyte to make her feel self-conscious. It was with an effort that she tucked her flaming hair behind her ears rather than tear it out with both hands.

"You must be Zahava Roane Noreed," a voice said, startling her into a flinch. Before her stood a woman older than herself in a white dress banded along the hem and sleeves with a rainbow of colors. "My name is Accepted Samiya Adin, and I was asked by Madeline Sedai to help you get settled here in the White Tower. Why don't we begin with you telling me a little about yourself, and any initial questions that you may have?"

Zahava forced herself to stop staring at Samiya's veil, which fluttered around the Accepted's mouth as she spoke. Instead she offered a curtsey, as she'd been instructed she would need to do, and said as politely as she could, "Yes, I'm Zahava. It's a pleasure to meet you, Samiya." They began walking away from the entrance, for which Zahava was grateful. Even if it was painfully obvious that she was fresh out of the world, at least she wouldn't be pinned to one spot for everyone to gawk at. "I'm from the city of Sidona in Saldaea. My father is a Captain in the Queen's army there."

She shrugged, suddenly uncomfortable. Until it'd been discovered she could channel, Zahava had lead a remarkably uninteresting life. She'd been the only girl in a household of men, with only her mother to relate to, and she'd made no grand plans or had any particular ambition other than to marry well and be a good mother one day. Now that all seemed so...boring. It wasn't exactly something she felt like telling to a complete stranger, anyway. Rather than get more personal, she gave the Accepted as easy of a smile as she could manage. "I have so many questions that I'm not even sure where to start. Is channeling...painful?" The thought had occurred to her that it might be. After all, it had made her sick every time she'd apparently done it on her own.

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    • Feeling like the proverbial sore thumb — Novice Zahava Noreed, Fri Nov 10 20:25
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