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Right or Wrong
Sat Nov 11, 2006 17:55 (XFF:

The day was not looking up in the least.

Mahon wasn't necessarily the biggest fan of Madeline Sedai; the woman was ruled by her passions, by emotions and this was completely and totally illogical. And she was sitting at his desk, looking with her pale blue eyes—icy and piercing. But Mahon's dark eyes stared back without any sort of intimidation. Yes, she was Mistress of Novices, but he had been Sitter for the White Ajah at least as long as this woman had been in her position. Which meant that he wasn't meant to be cowed. Novices and Accepted scurried for Light's sake, and that meant that no Mistress of Novices was going to cow him.

"Who is Sonja Meranes, Madeline, and why should I even be wasting my time?" Mahon asked. He wasn't one to tip-toe around the truth and if it came to pointed questions, he was going to ask them because there was no reason to hedge around it.

"Because she could use from the tutelage of someone from your Ajah, Mahon, and who better but yourself could help her?" Madeline asked, her hands spread wide.

"Flattery will get you—well at least somewhere, Madeline." Mahon confessed, the smile on his face barely perceptible. "What is this woman's damage?"

There was a long pause and Mahon assumed that Madeline was assessing whether or not to speak frankly or just hedge around the truth of one of her own. From all that Mahon had found out about the woman—through the contacts of Cata'rina Sedai he was nearly ashamed to admit—was that she was incredibly loyal to those she oversaw. "She's not sure of her purpose in the Tower. Or in this life if I can be honest with you, Sitter. And you could at least help her eliminate one option."

He sat back, hands steepled before him in what he found was the most thoughtful of reposes. "Sonja is not considered as one who would join the White, Madeline, surely you know that."

"But when all choices have been eliminated, whatever is left surely must be the right choice." Madeline began. "And I'd like to help her eliminate those choices, Mahon. Honestly, I think she needs someone to show her which way is not the way, you see…"

"I do not see." He said, almost and epitomily honestly. "But I think I know what you are getting at, Madeline. I'll speak to her for you if you feel it's necessary…" Madeline watched him impassively, her features telling him everything he needed to know. "As I see that you most undoubtedly do."

Madeline rose, the strength evident in her rise without her cane, despite the obvious weight of her age. "Precisely, Mahon Sedai. As usual, you have driven to the exact root of my dilemma. Sonja needs both a firm hand and—"

"Guidance." Mahon finished with some confidence. "Yes, we will at least provide Accepted Sonja with guidance, Madeline Sedai, regardless of whether nor not she chooses the White or no."

The faintest of smiles touched the woman's aged feature. "You would, wouldn't you? Because it would be the right and logical thing to do. Thank you, Mahon. Benna expressed some interest, but she is growing weary of Tower politics and duties and you stepping in really helps."

The Accepted came through the door with enough force that it was logical to believe that she was trying to arrive precisely on time for her meeting with Benna. As the woman's slim frame burst into the room and her eyes fell on Mahon, she came to a stuttering stop, although Sonja recovered quickly by falling into a curtsey. Her words were respectful even if her tone seemed to border it narrowly. "Aes Sedai, I was expecting to meet Benna Sedai."

The unspoken question lingered after her words, the query unable to form because custom dictated that Accepted did not ask questions such as "Why are you here instead?" to Aes Sedai, and certainly not to a Sitter. "Sit down, Accepted, there is much that we should discuss." She rounded one of the chairs and sank into it with less grace than a stumbling mule and looked at him mutely. "As an Accepted, it's pointless for me to describe our purpose as an Aes Sedai of the White Ajah. But knowing our purpose doesn't logically follow that there's an understanding. Explain to me your viewpoint on the purpose of the White Ajah."

"To be logical." Sonja's reply was interesting in its brevity.

"Anything else?" He asked.

There was a longer pause and she gave a shrug. "To do a lot of thinking, too."

Sonja's eyes turned up to look at him, a seemingly instinctive response, as if to see if she'd given a wrong answer. "Both of those answers are right, Sonja, and do you know why?" She shook her head. "Because in the White Ajah, there are no wrong answers. The search for truth, even when asking the same question, can produce different answers. So when I ask you a question, there is no right or wrong, Sonja." The woman looked at him as if he were lying to her and he sighed. "I can't be more blatant than that, and I'm bound by the Oaths to speak truth."

"So, Sonja, I want you to tell me why you think that there can be different answers to the simple question 'What is good and what is evil?'. Logic, if you will, out why there is no definitive right answer. And keep in mind what I said about right or wrong answers." Mahon sat back in his chair and steepled his fingers in his traditional look of introspection while Sonja thought about his question.

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