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Morning Surprises
Wed Nov 22, 2006 01:53 (XFF:


At the exclamation of her name, Sorcha Eamonn stopped in stride and turned around in the corridor, wondering if her mind had correctly interpreted the sound – surely it couldn’t be, could it?

“Domiciq?” Sorcha asked, her eyes widening as she looked at her friend and more particularly how she looked and what she was wearing.

Sorcha had always considered Domiciq to possess a natural beauty that was a lot more subtle than that of the typical woman, but she was positively radiant now. Her skin, deeply tanned, was almost shining and reflecting the light of the corridor, and her rich black hair had somehow been brushed to achieve new depths and colours. And then Sorcha noticed that her good friend was not wearing what Sorcha had seen her in for the past six years since she had arrived at the White Tower as a young girl, she was no longer wearing the novice whites – she was wearing the banded hem of an Accepted.

“Oh, Domi!” Sorcha exclaimed and rushed forward to her novicehood friend, picking up her hand and examining the serpent ring on her finger, “congratulations! When did this happen?”

“Thank you! Madeline Sedai summoned me only yesterday evening, and I was finished by last night. I would have found you sooner, but––” you were weeping, in a small ball, remembering the decisions you made, Sorcha thought, thinking of the night after she’d been tested “––I was tired, and sore, and I fell asleep straight away and it was only this morning I realised I had to find you and Pret.”

Sorcha knew from watching Domiciq’s facial expressions that she was lying, but didn’t correct her; everyone had the right to keep their suffering and sacrifices a secret, and Sorcha didn’t feel comfortable breeching that barrier, even with Domiciq.

“Oh, this is just amazing, Domi,” Sorcha said, beginning to lead both of them towards the dining hall for breakfast, “but you will be very busy for the next few weeks, believe me, it’s going to be hard. It happens to all of us; all of the new Accepted are pushed to their limits in the first few weeks after their raising, that way the Aes Sedai checked that they didn’t raise you prematurely and that you can put up with the stress and responsibility of being an Accepted. But don’t worry, you can get through it – Light knows so many have before you – and then they don’t push you as much and you have some independence with your studies. It’s so wonderful and liberating.”

“It sounds fantastic, and I’m sure I’ll get through it, you’re right. Where is Pret?”

“He’s meeting me at breakfast, so you can talk to him then.”

“We’ve all seen so little of both of you since you’ve been raised – ah, don’t apologise! – that we’ve all been wondering what’s been happening with you two. Reiteka and Alyson have been coming up with all types of ridiculous ideas––” no doubt Domiciq had been helping them considerably too “––and Jaxon has been quite disgruntled lately, since both you and Pret were raised before him, he’s been spending more time with Secila and her friends. I remember how often he would say something about how he would hate to be a novice when we were Accepted, and I suppose as more of us are raised he’s worried he might be the last of our group to be raised. Poor Reiteka and Alyson, stuck with him and his moods.”

“I’m sure they’ll all be raised in their own time, but it is a shame that friendships between novices and Accepted are looked down on so much.” She left it unsaid that she missed Reiteka most of all; Domiciq being raised was lovely, but honestly Sorcha probably would have preferred if it was Reiteka. “I know that many friendships have ended because of that. It’s a wonder Pret and I lasted through that time between his raising and mine.”

“Well I’m hoping we can pick our’s off where it was left; you haven’t been an Accepted for too long, about four months?”

“It’s closer to five, but not long, no.”

“So hopefully we’ll still be friends! But there is so much we have to catch up on. You haven’t answered my question – how are you and Pret going?”

Sorcha looked across to Domiciq and almost sighed, this was definitely one thing about Domiciq that she didn’t miss – the girl loved to pry and gossip and prided herself on how much she knew about others. She also knew that if she didn’t tell the newly raised Accepted enough a myriad of questions would help to pry deeper, but that she didn’t want Domiciq to know too much – some of it was private after all.

“We’re going very well,” she admitted, a warm smile glowing on her face, “we see each other often and I love the time I get to spend with him. He’s so sweet and gorgeous, the other day he had a lesson in which he learnt the weave to make flowers last, and so he presented me with a bunch of roses he’d stolen out of the gardens and preserved. He’s been very sweet.”

“So, Sorcha, between us girls, just tell me: have you and he––”

Sorcha blushed, knowing that this was the exact type of question from Domiciq that she didn’t want to answer, and fortunately enough they arrived at the dining hall before Domiciq added the crucial words to her question, and so she let it fade away and die. Sorcha knew exactly what she was going to ask, and she didn’t feel like disclosing those facts to Domiciq at all.

“Come, let’s grab our meal and find a table to sit at – I don’t think Pret is here yet,” Sorcha said, changing the subject.

It seemed to work too, or maybe it was Domiciq staring around at the new room they had entered; Sorcha realised how much of a shock it had been to her to walk into this room when compared to the novice dining hall, it wasn’t luxury, but compared to the novice dining hall it was a bloody palace.

“You, well, we, eat here…for every meal?”

“Yes,” Sorcha said, laughing and relieved, “don’t worry, Domi, you’ll get used to it!”

OOC: Oh baby, I'm back. And it feels guuuuurd.

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