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Elements of Success
Thu Nov 23, 2006 16:40 (XFF:

"Might be a bit cold for wading," Adanai said, semi-absently. Will turned to look at Calia questioningly, to which the Seanchan Accepted merely shrugged in response. As if she had any better idea what the girl was rambling to herself about! It took a moment, but finally Calia got the sense of someone else channeling and when she turned back to look at Adanai she saw the faint glow that had sprung up around the novice and grinned in triumph. Without thinking, she turned and hugged Will, planting a kiss on his cheek. It wasn't until the male Accepted tensed that Calia realized what she had done and jumped back in horror, a vivid crimson blush spreading across her face as her blue gaze stayed fixed on her slippers. Light! What's wrong with me? It was only a kiss on the cheek! She shook her head. Only a kiss on the cheek? The fact that it had happened at all was the problem, not what it was or was not.

"Well, well," Calia cringed inwardly. She recognized that voice and truly wasn't eager to hear what its owner had to say. "I wasn't aware you two had that kind of relationship." Calia's horrified gaze rose to meet the identical expression in Will's eyes before turning on the third Accepted.

"We don't, Kagita. That was perfectly innocent." Her eyes turned cold as she smirked at the Atha'an Miere girl. "It's not as if we're actually messing around, unlike certain other Accepted I know."

"I don't like what you're insinuating, Calia."

"I'm insinuating that you're sleeping with my sister, Kagita, and you obviously like it as more often than not she doesn't make it back to her own room at night." The shocked look on Kagita's face was priceless. She was about to continue when Will grabbed her arm and spun her to face him again.

"Calia, I'm no expert but I think we have a problem." She blinked and let her mind clear, instantly recognizing what was wrong. There was far too much saidar being drawn by Adanai. Calia panicked as looked back to Will and he dropped the link, leaving her in full control of the Power, or what little she could draw at least. Yet even if she drew her full ability she knew she couldn't cut Adanai off now that she held the Source. Calia was stronger than the girl, but not by enough to shield her when she already held saidar. She looked helplessly to Will, her mind racing so quickly that she didn't even hear the novice speak her name.

"I'm not strong enough, Will." His eyes widened considerably, but he nodded and in a moment she knew that he had woven a shield over the novice. They stepped through the Concealment weave, which Will had tied off and simply not done away with yet.

"I'm sorry!" The novice whispered, for all the world seeming to believe that she had done something wrong. Calia shook her head and crossed the distance from the door to Adanai in only two steps, kneeling in front the girl and checking her for injury before pulling her up to a more proper position and helping her to steady herself.

"Shh…" She chided gently, more warmth in her tone and expression than had been the whole time she had been with Adanai thus far, "You have nothing to be sorry for. This wasn’t your fault, alright? It was my fault. None of this would have happened if I was a better teacher, if I had been a better student, if I was stronger." She looked briefly up at Will, standing behind Novice Adanai. He looked away quickly, not able to meet her eyes. He understood what she was talking about, she knew he did, and obviously didn't want her to see whatever he thought of it written on his face. She looked back to the novice, "Don't you blame yourself." Adanai looked confused, but nodded slightly. "This is why novices aren't allowed to channel alone. Accepted Will and I were watching the whole time, so you wouldn't hurt yourself."

Calia smiled a small smile, "On the bright side, you seem to have broken your block. I know how hard that is to do, any of us who have been blocked do, but it's even harder to work around them. Now, you just have to keep practicing." Adanai didn't say anything but Calia could see the look in her eyes. She was afraid that what had happened before would happen again. "I know you're scared, but if you don't keep trying you'll never be able to control saidar and what just happened will seem like nothing compared to what will. This time I'll be right here to walk you through it." She looked at Will. "Novice Adanai and I will leave you alone now, Will. Oh, and I'll make sure that you get another washbasin without being made to pay for it." He nodded as Calia rose, helping the shaken novice up at the same time, and moved toward the door.

"Hey, Calia," She turned around curiously to look at the other Accepted, only to find him smiling at her, "I'll see you at lunch, alright? I think we all might have misjudged you." Unsure how to respond, Calia smiled cautiously and nodded as she led Adanai in the hall.

"We're almost done now, so you just have to keep this up a little longer." She embraced the Source as they walked and began to explain the elements, "Saidar is split into five elements, Spirit, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Water and Air are generally female strengths, Fire and Earth are male, and Spirit is divided evenly between both genders. There are, of course, exceptions. For example, my sister, Accepted Jocelyn, is strong in Fire and Earth and weak in Water and Air. What you have to do now is identify your own strengths and weaknesses, but first I'll show you each element so you'll have a basic idea what you're trying to find."

She drew out a thick, deep blue flow of Water first, "This is Water, my own strongest element, and a typically female strength. The same goes for Air, which is my second strongest element." She then drew out a slightly slimmer strand of the yellow colored element. Dropping both, she moved on to the silvery purple Spirit, then Fire, and finally Earth, explaining each as she did so. By the time she had finished, they had arrived at Calia's own room. Calia let the novice in and let her settle herself comfortably before delivering her instructions. "Now, I want you to embrace again, but this time control the amount of saidar you allow in. Surrendering to saidar and letting it dominate you are not the same thing. You have to maintain control and draw a small amount, instead of letting it completely fill you. It's tempting to do so, but learning to resist that temptation is what novice training is for." Adanai nodded, although she looked unsure, and Calia continued. "Once you've embraced, I want you to try to identify each element and determine if it is a strength or a weakness for you. Then you just have to tell me what you determine and you'll be free to go for the day, even go to a channeling lesson if you want." Somehow, Calia very much doubted the child would want to do that.

OOC: *Hits self* Grrr! I'm so sorry that this took so long! After this you'll have credit though and can go join that channeling lesson if you want. And I promise that credit, at least, will be granted promptly!

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