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Breakfast Routines
Tue Nov 28, 2006 04:50 (XFF:

Sorcha looked over quickly at the tables to check just in case Pret was already there. To her surprise, he was; usually she was present at the meals before him and it was up to her to find them a table and wait for him. As she was watching him, he turned and met her eye, giving her his beautiful smile and a little wave, both of which Sorcha returned, the affection clear on her face––

“Oh!” Domiciq breathed, looking around the dining hall eagerly, bobbing up and down to see over taller heads, “Is that Pret, Sorcha? Is he here already, before us? Where is he? I can’t wait to see him!”

“Yes,” Sorcha replied, Domiciq’s eagerness amusing her, “he’s just sitting at that table over there, under the window. I don’t think he’s noticed you yet though, Domi – oh wait, no, he has now!”

Sorcha wondered if her face had mirrored the shock that was clear on Pret’s face when she first saw Domiciq – he certainly was surprised. He spotted Domiciq and for a few moments he was obviously confused, but then surprise lit up his face, and a big grin swept across his face as he realised that Domiciq had been raised. He flashed another smile at Sorcha and gestured to her that he would wait for them to join him. She nodded, and realised that he wouldn’t really have to wait that long, as they were almost as the front of the queue of Accepted waiting to get their breakfast.

“This is so exciting,” Domiciq said as they collected their meals and began to walk towards the table, “but I’m so glad that you and Pret were here before me, it would be horribly awkward to come in here by myself on my first day as Accepted. No doubt everyone would be looking at you, and talking about you too – no doubt wondering what you went through and why you were raised.”

“They’ve all been through it before you, Domi,” Sorcha said soothingly; she realised that Domiciq was beginning to distress herself with memories of her raising, “and they’re very understanding. I’ve seen a few novices raised to Accepted since I’ve been here, and usually someone goes and sits with them, helping them to forget their troubles. For such a large group, we’re all drawn together by the terrors and choices that we faced in the Arches.”

Realising that she was probably distressing Domiciq further, Sorcha stopped what she was saying. Instead she looked across to Pret, who was now standing up to greet them, and felt a certain warmth fill her and make her smile happily. Since his raising, Pret had allowed his rough, flaxen hair to grow even further so that it now feel to his shoulders, billowing out past his neck in a natural way that no woman could achieve with styles and cuts. There was something about the clothes of an Accepted also that seems to highlight and emphasize his muscles from the days of him as a blacksmith, or maybe that was because Sorcha was now used to being held in his arm, him gently rocking her as they spent time together. His most attractive physical feature, to her at least, was the way his light eyes stood out against his naturally tanned skin. Next to him, Sorcha felt very short, pale and ordinary, but he claimed she possessed beauty beyond him. As his arms wrapped around her in a loving hug, she smiled and hugged him back, quickly kissing him on the cheek when she thought she could get away with it.

“Welcome, Domiciq,” Pret said as they sat down, Sorcha and Pret very close to each other holding hands. Domiciq was sitting opposite them and smiled happily, obviously very excited to be joining them.

“Thank you! I was just telling Sorcha that I feel sorry for Aylson and Reiteka because now that you, Sorcha and I have been raised they’ll be stuck with Jaxon all on their own, and let me tell you – he was foul enough when only you two were raised, with three of us now I can just imagine what he’ll be like. He always thought highly of himself, and after you were raised he started having the occasional bout of pouting and moodiness, then when Sorcha was raised it increased tenfold. Here’s hoping that Reiteka and Aylson are raised soon, so they don’t have to put up with him – and that way they can join us again!”

Sorcha didn’t think it would be nice to correct Domiciq’s delusions of friendships with Reiteka and Aylson – she had been best friends with Reiteka and they had seemed to drift apart within a few weeks after she’d been raised. Personally, she didn’t feel the tug of friendship towards Domiciq as she once had – she had moved on, and grown up more – but while the woman was alone and fitting into the new rank Sorcha would fill in the need for companionship. She could even tell that Domi felt a bit awkward around them, she wasn’t usually so chatty and extroverted around them, usually she’d prefer to quiet listen and analyse what everyone would say, pushing it into the back of her mind for later reference.

“What is planned for your first day in the banded hem, Domiciq?” Pret asked. Sorcha could tell that he clearly wasn’t sure how to respond to Domiciq’s words; he was as unsettled by her ideas of a friendship spanning through the three Arches as Sorcha was. Poor Domiciq, Sorcha thought, she’ll find out soon enough that she’ll have to forge new friends here. Light, Pret and I were so lucky it was only an eight week difference!

“Madeline Sedai said she has already organized me a lesson with Aryua Sedai that will probably span for most of the day. Sorcha was telling me before that for the first few weeks after I’m raised I should expect to be pushed harder than ever, so I’m not eagerly anticipating that; especially with Aryua Sedai – she’s strict and tough with novices, I shudder to think what she’ll be expecting of me today––” her eyes glazed over, and her voice dropped, “––You think what we were forced to endure in there would be enough to show them that we’re ready for the banded hem.”

An uncomfortable silence settled over the table and Domiciq obviously realised that trying to joke away the pain seared into all of them would not work. She would no doubt learn soon that most Accepted would guard the secrets of their raising fiercely and that probably none would laugh about what they had been through in an attempt to remove the pain – except those newly raised, with fresh scars, of course.

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