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At the Tower (Attn: MoN!)
Fri Dec 1, 2006 09:18 (XFF:

She could not explain the sudden, sinking feeling in her stomach.

The sensation left her somewhat weak kneed as she watched – face inscrutable for once – as the final vestiges of her ridiculous entourage rounded the final corner and disappeared from her sight. Back to Cairhien… Dia thanked it and cursed it for leaving, both relieved yet…strangely lost at the same time.

The slew of people who had accompanied her to Tar Valon was nothing short of a crowning parade; her parents had not been able to resist sending off their youngest child in all of the pomp and grandeur they could muster in the few short hours they had before dawn. They had meant for everyone present within the city to know that a daughter of House Saighan left to become Aes Sedai. It was horrid enough departing Cairhien with people lining the early morning streets to catch a glimpse of the fuss, but upon entering Tar Valon…Dia had very nearly fainted with sheer embarrassment.

What had her parents been thinking? Even the grandest procession for the crowning of kings and queens could not hold a candle to Tar Valon. The city was a masterpiece unto itself. To say nothing of the White Tower that rose into the very heavens…

Dia had tried to remain as unnoticed as possible, going even as far as sitting down on the floor of her carriage. Melina would have none of it though and had hauled her cringing self back into the plush, cushioned seats. Even has her nanny had admonished her, it was without her usual heat and sincerity.

Melina… She inhaled sharply as the sharp twinge of unbidden tears sprang forth. Now…there was only her. This was what she wanted…hadn’t she? To be left out of her parent’s machinations…to live a life where she would not be some stodgy nobleman’s trophy wife… But…an Aes Sedai?

“Come.” The voice that interrupted her muddled thoughts was not unkind, watery golden-hazel eyes going to regard the white-clad young man to her left. Something of what she was feeling must have showed on her face, for the smile he offered her was rife with sympathy and understanding. “I’ll take you to the Mistress of Novices.”

Mutely, Dia nodded, fingers going to brush against the golden jewel on her forehead. The gesture brought her some small measure of comfort.

The silence was heavy, but not uncomfortable as they passed into the threshold of the White Tower. Her irrepressible curiosity soon became too great to ignore, the bleak emotions of a few minutes before fading into the background as golden-hazel eyes began drinking in the scenes unfolding before her in earnest. Everywhere she looked, there was something new for her to study. A tapestry to her left…a tall window to her right. There was another Cairhienin! Light, but there was a pretty girl…Domani perhaps? Passing her, an impossibly tall man clad in pure white…ahead of her, an even taller woman with strange bands of colour on the hem of her dress and on the cuffs of her sleeves. Light, she was nearly twice Dia’s height! The young woman gawked for a moment, before remembering herself. Her mouth snapped shut with an audible *click*.

The people she passed in the hallways teeming with activity spared her passing glances, ranging the gamut from openly appreciative to openly hostile and Dia could not help but wonder if it was something about her appearance that engendered the latter reaction. She reached up, fingers gingerly patting at her hair. Do I have something stuck in it? The corners of her lips turned down. Or maybe it’s these silly curls… That had to be it. Inwardly, she groaned. I knew I shouldn’t have let Melina put my hair in curls!

Completely absorbed in her thoughts, she did not see the wall of white that loomed in front of her until it was too late. Her surprised noise was answered by a muffled chuckle, Dia flushing a shade of brilliant red as she hastily backed away from her guide. “Sorry,” she mumbled, finding the floor beneath her satin clad feet absolutely fascinating. After a brief moment of silence, she chanced a peek upwards, reddening further as she found herself the object of his grin.

“The Mistress of Novices,” he announced, the mirth in his dark eyes unmistakable. Light, he must think she was a complete ninny. Dia sighed inwardly as she looked beyond his left elbow. They had stopped and for that she was glad. She needed a few minutes to compose herself. That idea, however, was shattered when he lifted his hand and knocked on the door.

Dia’s expression turned comically horrified. Not while I’m still red!

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