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Midmorning Distractions
Sun Dec 3, 2006 22:46 (XFF:

The booming of the bell ringing the beginning of morning classes startled them all out of the awkward silence and they looked around quickly, disorientated for a quick moment. Domiciq stood suddenly; her cheeks still a little flushed from embarrassment, and quickly snatched her plate and cutlery off the table. Sorcha looked up at her and saw a hint of fear flash through the girl’s face as the bell continued to ring and Accepted emptied out the hall.

“I really don’t want to be late for Aryua Sedai, today of all days,” she breathed quickly, “but thank you for the warm welcome. I might see you two later in the day!”

And with that she took off, dodging nimbly past other Accepted who were also making their way away from their tables to place their dishes away before going off to their classes. Sorcha watched for a moment as the newly raised Accepted tried to fit in with the established routine of the other Accepted and smiled as she saw how easily Domiciq had begun to chat to another Accepted, using her hands freely to animate her words. The other Accepted – Accepted Tanni; was that her name? – seemed to be happy to join in on the conversation and even threw in some hand actions of her own.

“So,” Pret said, as Sorcha felt his breath gently blowing on her neck meaning that his mouth was close to her, “what have you got planned for today then?” Sorcha slowly leant back, allowing her body to cradle into Pret’s so that his chin was resting on her shoulder, his nose affectionately rubbing her cheek. A little shiver ran down Sorcha’s spine and she exhaled her breath slowly, a content feeling rippling through her.

“I was planning on going to Boen Sedai’s lesson on the political plays and agendas behind the Andor Throne this morning, because it’s finally a political lesson that is something that I might know a little bit about, and it’s closer to home. My father taught me about the Andor Throne and the politics involved in the nation as a whole; Light knows he probably expected to seize the throne for himself or something just as ridiculous. No doubt he’s convinced Rael to believe that he’ll be able to become the first king of Andor,” Sorcha let out a harsh laugh, “I certainly wouldn’t put it past him! What have you got planned for the day, Pret?”

Pret slowly moved his hand up Sorcha’s arm, gently tickling her flesh and leaving behind a wake of goosebumps. Oh, she did love it when he touched her like this. The dining hall and all other Accepted vanished, they were in their own little bubble of privacy that couldn’t be disturbed. As his hand continued up to her shoulder – unfortunately touching her clothes now instead of he skin – her eyes glazed slightly this time a bout of shivers ran through her body, causing her toes to tingle. She could still see the people in the dining hall, but everything apart from the two of them felt so surreal; she watched as time sped up and the people around them just rushed past, gliding across Sorcha and Pret’s world. Sorcha lent back further, so that she was leaning against Pret’s warm arms and felt a surge of emotions.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too,” he said, his voice gentle and melodious.

Just like before when the bells had rung, their bubble suddenly burst and they were brought back into reality with their words. Sorcha’s head spun as time slowed down and everyone began to walk at a normal pace once more. She blinked rapidly, trying to bring herself completely out of her distorted reality. They moved apart from each other and Pret smiled at her, squeezing her hand affectionately before standing up.

Following suite, Sorcha asked, “What are you doing today, Pret? You never answered me.”

He smiled mischievously placed her small hand within his own, folding his fingers over hers in a way that made her heart leap about in her chest. The way her body continued to act around him surprised her, she thought that she would have been used to it by now, but he still found ways to thrill and woo her that kept her on her feet and made their love run deep. Just from the way he was acting Sorcha knew exactly what he was going to say next, and she knew that she would be powerless to say no – every other time he had asked she had willingly obliged, enjoying it as much as he did. And the guilt usually passed soon after anyway.

“I’m meant to be doing private work into and reflection about my limitations when it comes to the element of Spirit so that come tonight it can be tested with Orian Sedai in Tel’aran’rhiod, but he’s shut up in the library today so he wouldn’t know if I don’t, and besides I was doing it yesterday while you were in your private lesson with Soferie Sedai and I think I’m found my limits. So really, I don’t have anything to do today, and,” he paused, and gently kissed her neck in a spot that he knew would send more shivers down her spine, “you already know so much about the political ploys and agendas of the throne of Andor, so I’m hoping you wouldn’t go to the lesson and we could just spend the day together. We didn’t get to yesterday, and I missed you.”

Sorcha shut her eyes, knowing full well that she should be going to her lesson; of the past week she had only attended her lesson yesterday because it had been a private lesson and Soferie Sedai would have noticed her absence. Pret wasn’t much better, they had been spending so much time together that they were hardly ever separated (except when Aes Sedai were looking of course). However, he had an advantage because he had been an Accepted for longer than her, albeit eight weeks, and by now he was into a routine where he could spend time with her and not fall behind in her studies. Sorcha, however, had no such luxury – she was beginning to lag, and she knew that she should say no––

“I’d love to, Pret,” she breathed, pulling away from him regretfully in case an Aes Sedai saw them. “They won’t miss me in the lesson anyway.”

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