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Wayward Tongue
Thu Dec 7, 2006 16:49 (XFF:

Eyes of swirled honey could only stare at him as the offending hand lowered, coming to a rest at his side. Dia inhaled sharply, her eyes glazing over briefly as she turned her focus inward; if will power alone counted, the red from her face would have immediately faded away. As it was, she could still feel the heat in her cheeks and sighed softly, looking at the white-clad young man before her with baleful eyes. He spared her a quick little grin, dark orbs regarding her openly for a moment.

“What?” Dia blinked as soon as the word left her mouth. She had not meant to ask him out loud.

His grin widened imperceptibly. “They won’t bite.” That was all he said, his attention turning back to the door. She bristled indignantly. I know Aes Sedai don’t bite! But before she could snap off a retort, the door swung open and Dia found herself face to face with an Aes Sedai.

There was no other possible explanation for it, no shred of doubt. This regal, serene woman before her had to be Aes Sedai. The cool confidence the woman exuded tolerated no other possibility and the young Cairhienin openly stared. It’s rude to stare. A mindvoice that sounded suspiciously like Melina’s flitted through Dia’s thoughts but when it failed to find purchase, it quieted and Dia continued to gawk. The Aes Sedai was clad in a beautiful dress of dark blue, cream coloured slashes in the skirt matching the seams in the bodice. Dia regarded it with a pang of envy, suddenly and inexplicably feeling somewhat foolish in her dress of palest yellow silk.

The Aes Sedai smiled at the white-clad young man, the expression friendly. He bowed and for a moment, Dia wondered if she should too. She hesitated a fraction of a second before finally deciding against it. She was not a Novice…yet. She had a sneaking suspicion that she would be doing enough bowing and Light help her, curtseying soon enough. “I will take it from here, Derlin. Thank you.” Dia caught a glimpse of light brown hair pulled back into a braid as thick as rope, but she could not see the end as it rested somewhere against the Aes Sedai’s back.

Derlin… Finally, a name to put to his face! Wait…why hadn’t she asked for his name earlier? For that matter, why hadn’t he asked her for her name? Dia worried at that for a moment, a slight furrow marring her smooth brow which caused the golden kesiera on her forehead to shift a little. In her defense, this was rather overwhelming…she could not be entirely faulted for forgetting her manners. And in his defense, from the ease in which he had taken her under his wing – so to speak – new arrivals at the White Tower must not have been uncommon. The furrow on her brow deepened. Why was she concerning herself with Derlin’s reasoning anyway?

He bowed again, throwing Dia a little wink as he took his leave from the Aes Sedai. Dia flushed at that, finding it rather strange that her stomach fluttered in the oddest manner. Golden-hazel eyes turned back to the Aes Sedai and Dia flushed even darker when she realized that she was now the object of the Aes Sedai’s attention. Oh Light, please don’t let her think I’m some kind of fool…

“And you must be a wanting to become a novice.” Dia nearly jumped out of her skin when the full comprehension dawned on her that an Aes Sedai was speaking to her. Before she could form a coherent answer however, the Aes Sedai continued. “I am not the Mistress of Novices – that is Madeline Sedai, I will be taking you to her – but I can tell that you are strong enough to become Aes Sedai one day, if you are dedicated and study hard.” She can tell that I’m strong enough to become Aes Sedai? Dia quickly quieted the clamour of thoughts that rose at that, shushing them sternly. There was something else, something that Dia’s curiosity had sniffed out and latched onto. She hadn’t been imagining it, the Aes Sedai spoke with a sort of lilting…slur…was the best way Dia could think to describe it. “ My name is Aranisia Sedai, and I am an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. Would you like to introduce yourself as I take you to meet Madeline Sedai?”

Ara…Arani…sia… Dia groaned inwardly as she frantically repeated the Aes Sedai’s name over and over again. Stars and moon, why did the first Aes Sedai she met have to have the most impossible of names to pronounce? She doubted that Arani…sia Sedai would take kindly to someone – anyone – butchering her name like Dia was doing inside of her head. Aranisia…Aranisia…Aranisia Sedai... Light, let me have it right…

Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth with the full intention of simply answering Aranisia Sedai, nothing more. “My name is Diyari Jahdiel Saighan, Aranisia Sedai, and I hail from Cairhien.” Dia spoke very carefully and was relieved that she had more or less correctly enunciated the Aes Sedai’s name. Her tongue twitched however and more words spilled from her lips. “I suppose I didn’t have to tell you that though. My height and this,” she made a gesture to the kesiera on her forehead. “Make it fairly obvious. Where are you from, Aranisia Sedai? I can’t quite place your accent.” Golden hazel eyes widened, and Dia clapped her hands over her mouth. Oh no… “Oh…oh no… Oh!” Dia stuttered out loud, her voice muffled by her hands. Her expression was utterly mortified as she mentally slapped herself. Dia’s hands flew from her mouth as she began apologizing to the serene and regal woman before her. “Oh I didn’t mean to…!” Unbeknownst to her, Dia’s hands were gesticulating madly and if it were not for the gravity of the situation, the look on her face would have been comical.

Aranisia Sedai watched her with those blue eyes for a moment before replying, something Dia had not expected. “Seanchan.” That single word did wonders to still her twitching tongue, dark eyebrows climbing until they very nearly touched her hairline. The Aes Sedai’s tone did not flay the skin from the young Cairhienin’s back, quite the opposite actually. The answer was friendly, if maybe somewhat exasperated…almost the same way Melina would have replied to Dia’s endless array of questions.

Aranisia Sedai then turned, beckoning Dia to follow. Not wanting to test her fortune any further, she hastened to comply, pale yellow silks swirling around her as she entered into the Mistress of Novices’ office.

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