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Sat Dec 9, 2006 14:50 (XFF:

They walked for a few moments, Soradrelle uncomfortable, until he finally schooled himself to stillness. He was Accepted. He was an heir of the Da'shain. He was not the confused Tinker-Novice who had come to the White Tower unable to either channel fire or read. He had grown in ability and in conviction - it was not from fear of penance that he would never copy lines from a book and declare the work his own, again. He stiffened as the small, beautiful girl put her arm through his and guided him towards a secluded area of the gardens. Very well - she could make things as difficult for him as she wished, but he'd faced worse and mastered himself, and he would not become the sort of monster who had defiled her, and Sageria before her, and had tried to do the same with Tira and Allael. He let her lead him, commanding himself coldly, mercilessly, as he'd done on those few times when he'd been tempted to violence.

Finally, she stopped, and turned to face him. Soradrelle decided against voicing his curiosity as to why she was asking him about these things. Perhaps she was simply curious - though, if that was all, why drag him here, where no one ever came? But if it was only curiosity, he hardly needed to know that, and if it was something else, she would no doubt tell him when she was ready. In any case, he had no time to question her - she was already throwing very exact, very precise signs at him. "I want to know," she demanded, "what being in love feels like."

Light! He'd only said that perhaps he'd once been in love. If he knew what it felt like, wouldn't he know whether what he felt was love or not? The perfect analogy sprang instantly to mind - perhaps there were strange lines swirling around him, but he didn't know what they were, or what they meant. Seizing her book from her (When had she taken it from him? Lost in his own thoughts, he couldn't remember) he opened it to the most complicated picture he could find, full of those very lines, swirls, and shapes. "It's confusing," he answered simply, "like this diagram!" If anyone could understand it, it would be her, Mietatte, and not him.

She was the one blushing now, Sora saw as she turned the page, her eyes intent on her book. No, it wasn't curiosity. Perhaps there was someone she was interested in. His heart grew heavy, at that, but a part of him was relieved. If she were interested in someone else, perhaps she would be spending less time with him, and as much as that hurt, it might be better. . . . Yes, he would answer her questions to the best of his ability, and teach her as much as he could. What had he ever been to her, except a teacher, or a brother? But he would be a good one, and he would not fall short. When she began her next question and stopped, he encouraged her on, watching her. She'd learned so much, was so perceptive. . . Sora was sure she would be a wise Aes Sedai, one day.

"What does it feel like," she finally asked with her hands, "to have someone who loves you, kiss you?" She was blushing again, furiously, and Soradrelle contained his surprise. So, there was a boy. Had he kissed her, already? Did she hope to know whether he loved her by the kiss? Even he knew that you couldn't tell how someone else felt about you by their kiss - the most manipulative could be the most gentle, and the most devoted lovers could be the most. . . passionate. What a kiss felt like told more about how you felt about the person than how they felt about you. Still, that would be a non-answer to her question, and he would give no more of those. He didn't know what it would feel like to kiss someone you knew to the core of their being and loved with all your heart, and who also knew and loved you, but he did have two things to work with - his yearnings and his memories of Aisor Kithar. Aisor Kithar had known love - once he'd been a wise and gentle man, before the taint. He had been proud, true, but who wasn't proud in the Age of Legends, except the Da'shain? Particularly among the Aes Sedai, there had been no humility to be found, and it was that pride that had broken the world. He knew it, just as Aisor had known that it was pride which had freed the Dark One, and pride which had led the men to believe that they could seal the bore without the women. But, the question here was not pride, it was love. What would it be like to have someone who loved you kiss you? Sora closed his eyes, remembered and imagined, and called up the sensations and feelings he yearned for.

"It feels," he signed, but dared not speak for fear of listening ears, "like swimming in the Light. All the bliss of holding the Power, but none of the danger, because you know you're safe with them, and that so long as the kiss lasts, even death cannot separate you. It feels like the dawn of creation, like you - you two are one person and you, the one composed of two, are the dawn of creation. When someone who loves you kisses you, you feel like you are resting in the palm of the Creator's hand, and you know that all is well, and all will always be well, no matter how things look later. That moment makes all of the suffering of life worthwhile."

Yes, the Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends had known love. Love had not even been lost during the breaking, when everything else was. The Red Ajah, perhaps, embodied the closest the world had come to destroying love, but that was not even very close. Now Saidin was cleansed and the world of hatred for men of women was nearing an end. The hour of trial was almost over, and perhaps the cleansing of Saidin heralded the restoration of everything else which had once been lost - even the song. But even if the song was never found, all would be well, so long as love wasn't lost.

He stared intently at Mia, watching her intently for any reply.

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