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Taking Flight
Sat Dec 9, 2006 15:02 (XFF:

Soradrelle fled from Mietatte’s bush as if the Dark One himself were after him. Perhaps he was - Soradrelle had resisted the temptation presented to him in the form of his friend and student, Mietatte, repeatedly, even until the unthinkable happened - she asked to kiss him. When that happened, he fled, ceasing to think about the implications of her request or anything else. Imagining that she was interested in someone, anyone else, he had done his best to answer her questions without prying for her secrets. But all his thoughts became irrelevant when she asked him to kiss her, and all that Soradrelle knew at that moment was that he was being asked, aloud, to do something that he yearned to do but knew he must not do. He didn’t think then, about the fact that his reason for not kissing her was his belief that she didn’t want to be kissed by him. He was not a White - he was of Tinker heritage, and so rather than reconsidering his previous position, he ran.

And he sought safety with his sister, Allael. He hadn’t let the filthy rumors of the Novices and some Accepted keep him from associating with his sister, in Novice White though she was, and those rumors were the farthest thing from his mind, now. Later, the curiosity would pass through his mind momentarily as to whether Mietatte hadn’t really written that letter that had caused so much trouble, but it would pass just as quickly with the certainty that she would not lie to him. For now, though, he fled to Allael’s room, where he sat trembling for hours, waiting for her to return from her chores and classes.

When she finally entered she was disheveled from chores, but Sora didn’t notice. He hardly even noticed her entrance, only acknowledging her presence when she sat down on the bed next to him. “Sora? Are you all right? What’s wrong?”

Still stunned, Sora kept looking straight ahead. “Mietatte asked me to kiss her.”

Confused, she replied, "Oh. Is that a bad thing?"

Sora blinked, and finally looked at his sister and tried to voice the feelings confounding him. "She's. . . I. . . She's my friend. And I taught her, before she was a Novice. I taught her to talk, and sign. . ."

"I see. I think. So. . . you don't want to kiss her because she's your friend?"

Sora shook his head vehemently. "No, it's not that! Well, it is, but. . . I do want to kiss her!" He finally turned to look at his sister, his eyes plainly frightened. "I want to, desperately, but. . ." He stopped, not sure how to continue, not sure how to voice his horror. “I can't kiss her!"

"Oh Soradrelle, don't be such a wimp. If you like her that much, just kiss her. What are you so afraid of?"

With tears forming in his eyes, he shook his head in horror. The words flooded out of him like a torrent. "I'm not! I'm not what they say I am! I'm not some kind of monster ruled by lust! I can't help the feelings in me - they're probably Aisor Kithar's anyway. I named her Mietatte because she looked like someone Aisor Kithar knew named Mietatte. His lover. But I'm not him! I'm not!"

"How do you know they are Aisor Kithar's feelings? Just because it's not something your used to, doesn't mean they belong to him. You're a man Soradrelle, same as any other. And since when do you worry about what people say about you?"

Sora glared at her. "It's not what they say! It's what I am! And what I'm not!”

"Did you feel like a monster when you wanted to kiss that Tinker girl?" Sora shook his head in denial, and shook off the memory as well. It wasn't important. "Then what's different about Mietatte? It's not as if you would be forcing yourself on her. Not if she asked you to kiss her."

Sora hesitated, and looked at the floor. Why had he run off? He hesitated again, and then looked back at Allael. “She’s. . . curious, Allael. What if she just wants to know what a kiss is like?”

He grunted as one of Allael’s pillows slapped him across his face. “Go show her then, you Light-blinded Tinker! You said you were her teacher, didn’t you? Teach her!”

Sora nodded, slowly realizing that Allael was right. His reasoning was correct that it would be wrong to kiss Mia if she didn’t want to be kissed. . . but if she did. . . that did change everything. He hugged his sister tightly, and wordlessly left her room.

When Sora arrived at her room, he found the door wide open, and was relieved. She only shut her door when she was out, and once he’d gotten over his own terror, he’d started worrying about how she might have reacted to his flight. But she was here, and as long as she was ok, everything would be fine. At the same time, though, butterflies started flapping their wings rapidly in his stomach.

He didn’t knock, of course, as he reached the door, but simply surveyed the room. At first he didn’t see her, but then he did, bent over her desk, and she was fussing over something small he couldn't make out. There was quite a bit of blood, and as Sora approached to see what she was doing more clearly he shut the door softly behind him.

It was a bird, he saw, and she was carefully wrapping a piece of thin wire around a wing she held against a splint. His heart filled with a flood of affection for her, and pride too - doing the best she could, despite a lack of Healing ability, to help the poor creature. He watched her work, smiling softly as she finished and cleaned up. The bird remained still the entire time, and he saw the herbs on her desk which had put it to sleep. Then she glanced up, and noticed Sora.

Their eyes met, and his stomach twisted into knots so tight he was certain the butterflies that had been fluttering around in there were nothing but a gooey mess. But then she smiled, straightened, and stood up, apologetic words gushing from her mouth. Sora hardly heard them. In a few strides he crossed the room and hugged her, then silenced the apologies with a soft kiss on her mouth.

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