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New Arrival
Fri Dec 29, 2006 10:57 (XFF:

Kamion Drendi sighed wearily and rubbed the dirt from her eyes. She wondered where her cousin Seniave had got the idea to ride on horses all the way from Cairhien to Tar Valon. Surely they could have least had a carriage? They had been riding for little over a month now, and were nearing the end of their journey. Seniave set a hard pace-they rode without stopping for many hours a day, and ate lunch in the saddle. They stopped at inns at night, and were gone with the dawn. At first Kamion had protested and threw tantrums at this treatment, but as she had soon learned with her cousin, protests and tantrums accomplished nothing. Now she was too tired to do anything but continue riding. However, they had almost arrived at their destination-Tar Valon and the White Tower were just ahead. Kamion sighed again, and concentrated on the rhythm of her horse trotting. With any luck, she would be in the White Tower by nightfall, and sleeping on an actual bed for the first time in a month.
Late in the afternoon, Seniave and Kamion rode in between massive gates, and arrived at the White Tower. Kamion had trouble keeping her jaw shut. The White Tower was breathtaking-it gleamed in the afternoon sunlight, and looked for the entire world like nothing could ever disturb the people within. If this was the outside, Kamion was almost frightened to see the inside of the famous Tower. She had thought her House in Cairhien was grand, but it was nothing compared to this.
Without warning, her knees suddenly felt weak, and she was more than content to let her horse ploddingly follow Seniave's without too much guidance from her. She tried to push back her growing sense of alarm, after all, this was what she had come for, wasn't it? To become an Aes Sedai? However, suddenly the prospect seemed daunting, and she began to have second thoughts.
Blinking, Kamion realized that they were in the courtyard, and Seniave was already dismounting and handing her horse to a groom. Kamion hastily did the same while still trying to appear graceful, and was rewarded by a amused glance from Seniave. Kamion flushed angrily, but said nothing.
Soon, she entered the tower, and stopped short. All her predictions had been true-the inside of the White Tower was truly grand. Kamion swallowed and tried to get a hold of herself. If all went well, this would be her home for at least the next 5 years, she would have to get used to all this.
"Come with me, child." a commanding voice said from behind her. The voice startled Kamion, and she jumped and turned around. A stern and imposing looking Aes Sedai stood there, glaring down at Kamion. For a moment, Kamion couldn't move, until she realized the Aes Sedai was already walking down the halls and expecting her to follow. Gliding forward, Kamion hurriedly did so. She was too preoccupied to notice that Seniave didn't follow her.
Lost in her thoughts, Kamion didn't see the large white door that was rapidly approaching until it was almost too late. Glancing at her again, the Aes Sedai said, "You will now see the Mistress of Novices" and rapped soundly on the door 3 times. Kamion checked herself over, and grimaced. She was still sweaty and dirt-encrusted from her days on the road. She was in no condition to meet the Mistress of Novices. She was about to say something, but then the door was slowly beginning to open, so Kamion carefully schooled her face to reveal nothing, and waited to meet the Aes Sedai that she would answer to for many years to come.

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