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Terms over Tea
Tue Jan 9, 2007 14:55 (XFF:

The boy kept silent, but he absorbed what he heard in that silence as he followed his guide through the foreign halls of the White Tower. The savory aromas from the kitchen served as a potent reminder that he was famished. A faint blush arises with the growl of a longing stomach but he says nothing as his Aes Sedai companion shared his story. It was certainly one that Jaem could relate to, and in a strange form it gave him comfort to know that his was not the only hard story.

Once the silence grew the young Kandoran found interest in the meal, and only once Akadias began eating did Jaem follow suit. The meal was eaten with fervor and for the brief time he lost himself; the Aes Sedai, his surroundings, his memories…all of it was lost in the mundane task of consuming the meal before him. Only after the last scrap was gone, and only the taste on his fingers served as a reminder of the delicious meal, did he return to the present. His eyes meet Akadias’ for a moment, listening as the Aes Sedai reasoned out his story, where he was from, his knowledge as a warrior, and the cause of his scars. Jaem guarded his reactions as the Aes Sedai reasoned each fact without him saying a word.

Cradling the offered teacup, only mildly irritated at the small cup size, and took a moment to sip the hot liquid. It aided him in collecting his thoughts and considering his words before speaking; a skill his father had taught him was most valuable in ensuring that you said what you intended. After that long moment of consideration he nods his head in agreement, the white bindings that hid his scars muffling his voice, making it softer in the quiet of the dining hall.

“You see much Akadias Sedai,” he hoped that was right he had heard Aes Sedai referred to in such a fashion, “I am indeed Kandoran, and I am the son of a noble from the land…a warrior though I struggled behind my older brother.” A tense note at the mention of his dead brother…a subtle note that could barely be caught but he managed to continue on, “And my scars are a testament to my first introduction to my abilities. And that is why I came to the Tower. To learn and not be a danger to others.” And that sad touch returned to his words and those brown eyes turned backwards in time seeing horrifying flames.

The bell and trinket he wears in his hair rang softly breaking the silence that had followed what he said, “I lost myself…I didn’t realize what was happening. I was arguing with my brother about my weakness and his strength. He was always my father’s son, while I was the weak offspring of a noble house.” Even after all this time, the words held a bitter edge, and the Creator might be blamed if he were foolhardy enough to consider doing so. “Then the flames erupted, every candle in the room sent fire to the very rafters engulfing the room. Raen…Raen saved me, the falling timber scarred me, but he pushed me out…at the cost to his own life.”

There, it hung in the air, something his parents didn’t know and for their sakes he prayed they never would. He sipped the tea carefully, and looked down unsure what he expected to find in the Aes Sedai’s eyes, judgment perhaps or pity. Whatever it was he didn’t know whether he deserved pity or was able to face judgment. Still, he couldn’t look down forever. As the moments passed he would return his gaze slowly to Akadias’ eyes and waited for the wheel to turn a bit further.

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