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A Little Lost?
Sun Jan 14, 2007 22:57 (XFF:

“You will do this, child, because I have told you to. You should need no other reason than that.” That was Madeline Sedai, the Mistress of Novices. Kirito, standing before her, found that he was biting his own tongue, and nearly trembling with the effort to keep his face smooth. He was not well known, here at the Tower, but apparently known well enough that the Aes Sedai deemed him a safe escort for a new novice.

“I understand, Madeline Sedai.” He said, aware that his voice was not as smooth as he wanted it to be. At least he was not squeaking in fear. He had heard that a number of times from Novices, most of all when facing an Aes Sedai as formidable as the Mistress of Novices.

He bowed his way out of her office, still keeping his temper -- And since when have I had a temper? in check. Those he passed, for the most part, ignored him. He was not completely immune to the occasional sidelong glance, however. Kirito’s face had earned him more than a glance before, and more than once, at that.

He found her in the great hall, trying very hard to look as if she were not overwhelmed with the White Tower, and with everything that it meant for her life. He had been a novice for a little more than three years, and yet now and then he still lost his breath when looking at the grandeur of the White Tower. It was indeed a place that took the breath away, even if you had been there a hundred years.

“Kamion Drendi?” She turned, and Kirito bit the inside of his cheek at the intense relief that painted her face once she realized he was not an Accepted – or an Aes Sedai, at that. He smiled warmly, and waited for her own tentative smile before he spoke again.

“My name is Kirito. The Mistress of Novices has asked me to help you become accustomed to the White Tower.” He winked. “So if you get lost, you can always blame me if anyone asks.”

Hello, and welcome to the White Tower! Kirito is fairly harmless, insofar as young men go, so don’t be afraid of him! He’s from Cairhien, so he’s probably shorter than Kami. He’s got grey eyes, brown hair, and is on par with Galad (from the books) in looks. To put it simply, most anyone female sighs longingly after him when they think he’s not paying attention. If I’m a bit rusty, forgive me. I haven’t posted on WoTRP in several weeks! Let me know if you have any questions!

Novice Kirito
Asha’man Ramaes
Asha’man Reese

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