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Help Me, Please!
Mon Jan 15, 2007 13:55 (XFF:

Kamion, once again back in the great hall, felt more confused than ever. She stood around and looked at all the people milling past her. They all seemed to know where they were going…with the exception of Kamion, of course. The grandeur of the White Tower did not help her nervousness-she still found herself constantly standing with her mouth open as she noticed another little thing that took her breath away. Kamion was going to end up slack jawed if she wasn’t careful.

“Kamion Drendi?” a voice asked, and Kamion started. Turning warily, she prayed to the Light that it wasn’t an Accepted, or even worse, an Aes Sedai. She was new here, and if one of them came looking for her, it wouldn’t be a good sign. Not to mention that she wasn’t in the slightest bit ready to deal with members of either rank.

Relief etched sharply on her face, Kamion saw that it was a novice who addressed her. She studied him. He was certainly an eyeful to behold-she would give him that. He had perfect features etched onto every corner of his face, and his brown hair was arranged perfectly on his head, seemingly without effort. He had unusual gray eyes, which only added to the charm. Many would consider him a fine catch, but Kamion had long since passed the stage where she was turned by looks alone. Her own features-almost as outstanding as his in a feminine way-had drawn many young men to her side like bees to honey. She had learned not to trust someone just because they had a handsome face. Besides, she was too well trained in Daes Dae’mar to trust anyone too much anyway.

“My name is Kirito. The Mistress of Novices has asked me to help you become accustomed to the White Tower.” He said as he approached her. Then he winked and added, “So if you get lost, you can always blame me if anyone asks.” He seemed nice enough, and as he smiled, Kamion felt herself smiling back hesitatingly. “Hi Kirito. I’m Kamion, as you already know. It would be great if you could show me around.” She gestured to the pile of novice whites in her hands and said, “For example, where can I dump these?” Kamion’s accented voice sounded like the chiming of bells, betraying her Cairhienin origin.

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    “You will do this, child, because I have told you to. You should need no other reason than that.” That was Madeline Sedai, the Mistress of Novices. Kirito, standing before her, found that he was... more
    • Help Me, Please! — Kamion Drendi, Mon Jan 15 13:55
      • A Small TourKirito Lisenth, Thu Jan 18 09:35
        It had been a long time since Kirito had found any sort of company --- outside of Accepted and Aes Sedai --- that didn’t seem to be distracted by his appearance. So, while leading Kaimon around the... more
        • Getting a General Sense of ThingsKamion, Sat Jan 20 11:13
          Kamion felt herself beginning to relax as she got to know her fellow novice a bit more. The fact that he was Cairhien as well only added to the familiarity. She gave him a small smile as they exited... more
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